Sonia Bine

Gnome Artificer


Sonia found herself available to adventure and picked up with the group when they returned to Brightport following their trip into the Silver Glade.   She bonded with Kava instantly and quickly put her skills to use fixing the party's wagon.  
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Arc 1
She has since helped Kava become queen of the dragonborn and followed her in a hasty exit when she was ousted after becoming injured.   When Kava was injured and had to flee Or'Rash, Sonia is the only one who stuck with her. Since then, they have formed a new group and struck out from Esterholt to search for an artifact of Vecna.   Sonia and her new friends were successful, although their trip was full danger. They returned to Esterholt where they sold the Bell of Vecna.   The group has not been seen for several years and Sonia's current whereabouts are unknown.

Appearance and Personality

  Sonia is a take no nonsense Gnome who likes to tinker with things.
First Appearance
Arc 1, Episode 100

Current Location
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Group DRP