Arc 1 - Episode #186


General Summary

12th of Thorom
Waking up in their new "house", Avalan leads an expedition to explore the basement while Zoya waits upstairs for Peepos. Once the murder basement and its contents have been discovered, Peepos arrives and is pressed for information about the house.

After Peepos gives a sufficient answer, the party tells him they would like to take a diplomatic mission to Winterhaven and try to rebuild communication.

13th of Thorom
Liara agrees and gives the group some cash to get new equipment and grease the wheels of commerce. The adventurers set out and have an uneventful first day of travel.

14th of Thorom
Shortly after waking up and getting back on the road, the party finds a hill giant hunting for someone in the nearby woods. They manage to distract the giant and reach the injured man hiding from it. Arina squares off against the giant while everyone else runs to safety.

When all exit the treeline, Zoya and the man are no where to be seen. Everyone keeps looking around but decide it is better to keep moving away from the giant than to stay still.

While making camp for the night, they can't help but be concerned for Zoya's safety...


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Release date: 06 Nov 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
06 Nov 2016