Arc 1 - Episode #171


General Summary

7th of Thorom
Aria and Theo help Clarissa with some research into the dragon-like sound they heard with little luck, meanwhile Malchus and Teveen rustle up some '3 Dragon Special' sandwiches for breakfast. The group decides to get out of town and on their way to Winterhaven so they can make it before nightfall.

Several hours out of Aubrey, Theo spots some orcs on a ridge planting a flag. Not knowing what they are up to, the party decides to hide the wagon until another caravan arrives to make travelling safer. One finally comes along and they all agree to travel together and soon enough, the orcs attack. The orcs are eventually defeated, but not before Vin, a man from the other caravan falls in combat.


Locations Visited


Aubrey has a local breakfast sandwich, toasted bread with melted cheese, a thick slice of ham and eggs, known as the 3 Dragon Special aka, "I'm not making it to 30 anyway"

Player Characters

Release date: 17 Jul 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Jul 2016