Arc 1 - Episode #161

On Tattered Wings

General Summary

LIve from Theriathon 2016!

6th of Thorom
The party leaves Tepin's farm after defeating the kobolds and go back to Irmgard's. After saying their goodbyes, they head on their way towards Esterholt but need to camp along the way.

7th of Thorom
Early in the morning, everyone is awakened by the sound of a huge black dragon flying low overhead, roaring as it goes. Shortly after, a hill giant, probably also checking out the noise of the dragon spies the party. As it charges, Eliwrath steps up, stands her ground and intimidates the giant into picking a fight somewhere else.

Back on the road, the group finally makes it to Esterholt before nightfall. Arina shows everyone to the Temple of Kord and introduces them to Craig, where they discuss the items they found outside of Lochfort. Arina takes everyone on a short tour of the city and eventually return to the temple. Eliwrath tells Craig about the drow in Fairbay, and he asks them to take the news to the new mayor before they leave in the morning.


Locations Visited


The black dragon's name is Ru'Thamor or "black wrath"

Player Characters

Release date: 08 May 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
08 May 2016