Arc 1 - Episode #152

Higher Power

General Summary

As the party regroups following the battle with the werewolves, they collect their dead and make their way back to Lochfort. Everyone finally gets a decent meal and a reasonable nights rest before leaving for Overwatch. Sora takes a moment to say a tearful goodbye to the kids before heading out of town. On the way to Fairbay, they come across a lone female dwarf walking in the same direction and after some discussion about her sanity decide to invite her along. Soon after, Briahna leaves the party to figure out what she will do next.

Once in Fairbay, all descend on the Tipsy Pig to get cleaned up and get some food. While waiting for their food, they overhear a dudebro named Brock bragging about his exploits with his lady Krista when Sora notices Krista is wearing some jewelry and gear that belonged to Eryn and Evelynn. Upon approaching and asking about it, Brock gets defensive and Sora punches him in the most effective place she can reach. Shortly after explaining what just happened, Brock and Krista go outside to wait for Sora but the party sits back down and waits for their food.



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Release date: 21 Feb 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
21 Feb 2016