Arc 1 - Episode #104

Into The Dark

General Summary

After patching themselves up following the dire wolf fight, the group presses on and continues to Aubrey. They make it to town without further issues and go to the inn to get some rest and clean up. While they relax, Coal and Eliwrath arm wrestle (Coal wins) and a rematch in the next town is scheduled. As they pay off their bets, the towns warning bell begins to chime and they are informed by the inn keeper that it is a warning for vampire attacks. Sora runs outside to help and everyone else peeks out the window to watch. She hides behind some crates and takes aim, killing 2 vampires that were fighting with a woman in the street. Alexandra asks Sora if she and the party can help rescue 2 people who were dragged out of town and after some discussion they all agree to help.

They follow the tracks to a cavern and find one of the victims surrounded by vampires. Everyone tentatively attacks but quickly begin to kill them. The elder spawn screams and more thin bloods join in the fight, only to be slain (mostly) by Ingrid and a lightning storm.


Notable Kills

  • Elder vampire spawn, killed by Ingrid

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 16 Mar 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
16 Mar 2015