Evelynn Heywood

Human Ranger


Evelynn left the city with her new companions and a caravan traveling to Durnhollow. They made it with little effort and moved on to Aubrey.  
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Arc 1
The group fought vampires against some of the party's objections in Aubrey but saved a few townsfolk in the process.   The party continued their journey towards Donhurst and were attacked by orcs in the Dead Wood. Evelynn and Eryn fell that day and were buried nearby before the others fled to safer ground.

Appearance and Personality

  Slightly tan, lots of freckles. Hair is a dark brown, long and in a braid down her back. Has multiple small scars on her face, most noticeable is the one on her chin that goes up into her bottom lip. Light blue eyes.   Has a few scars on left shoulder from a bear attack. The scars go from the top of the shoulder down to just the top of her chest. Has a scarf around her neck to cover her face when needed.   Modest armor. Black pants that tuck into boots. Boots come up to just under the knee. Keeps a small knife in boot for skinning animals. Top armor is a vest, underneath is a forest green shirt, the sleeves go down to her elbows. Black gloves.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Killed by orcs in Episode 115
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 100

    Long dark brown braid
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations