Coal Dualfang

Long-Toothed Shifter Druid


It is unknown what brought Coal to Overwatch and the White Ravens but he intended to help them make Theria more livable.  
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Arc 1
Coal left the city with his new companions and a caravan traveling to Durnhollow. They made it with little effort and moved on to Aubrey. He bonded with Ingrid and Eliwrath and clashed with Sora over a variety of things in their travels. The group fought vampires against Coal's will in Aubrey, one of the first of his clashes with Sora. The group is rescued by Briahna Briahna, after which Coal had choice words for her as well.   The party continued their journey and at Lochfort met their biggest hurdle: the town was overrun with werewolves. Quickly taking shelter in an attic, they helped rescue 3 children and after what seemed like days, they made a last stand in the town hall. Sadly, Josephine, Ingrid and one of the children, Kaley, died before Poe and Briahna against came to the rescue.

Appearance and Personality

  Coal is one to speak his mind, regardless of the potential outcome. He has wolflike features even in his non-shifted form.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Killed by a werewolf in Episode 133
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 100

    Aligned Organization
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