Arc 1 - Episode #147

The Great Hunt, Part 2

General Summary

Arina, Sora, Eliwrath and Briahna along with a small contingent of paladins prepare for the fight of their lives.

As the werewolves close on the party the battle is joined and everyone gives it all they have. During the fight, the Alpha manages to bite Briahna, most likely giving her a parting gift of lycanthropy.

By the end of the fight, all of the werewolves and several of the paladins lie dead in the forest. Briahna, along with a big hit from Sora was able to put an end to the Alpha as well as the werewolf threat in the Silver Glade.


Notable Kills

  • Haven/Werewolf Alpha killed by Briahna

Locations Visited


Briahna is the second Psion to score a crit on a charge roll, Daegon was the first.

Player Characters

Release date: 17 Jan 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
17 Jan 2016