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There are six main religions in Thenia.  

Followers of the Seven Divine

Main article: Followers of the Seven Divine

The largest religion in Thenia, the Followers of the Seven Divine exist all around Thenia. Followers of this religion believe in the Seven Divine, a pantheon of seven gods and goddesses that represent seven desired archetypes. (Often, this pantheon is depicted as a family.) Predictably, this means tbat the number seven is considered divine. It is also considered especially lucky to have seven members--or seven children--in an immediate family. Many adherents will also name their children with names that are seven letters long.


Main article: Voetian

Voetian is a large religion in Thenia. It is the state religion of Braeque (although there is no punishment for not following it), but also has large followings in all other countries except Trece Isla, Kezig, and Ieglia. It is based on the worship of the Voetia, a multi-aspect warrior goddess.


Main article: Magusianism

Magusianism is the state religion of Ieglia. Followers of this religion (they call themselves Chosen Ones; outsiders call them Magusi) believe that magicians (and magic overall) should be worshipped. The Chosen Ones view the Solomonari as a religious order (although the Solomonari never speak of themselves in this way) and the Solomonari's founder as one of their supreme deities. Magusianism and Ravka are the only religions that view magic positively in Thenia.


Main article: Ravka

Ravka is the state religion of Kezig, along with a sizeable number of followers in Ghazeen and a smaller number on Trece Isla. It is a dark, nature-based religion that considers Skruj Drae to be a holy place. Other religions (and even those who aren't religious) view Ravkans negatively.

Cult of the Sacrificed

Main article: Cult of the Sacrificed

The religion with the second-smallest number of adherents, the Cult of the Sacrificed is an old religion that far predates Thenia. Although human sacrifices no longer occur (probably), past followers of this cult did participate in human sacrifice to appease their gods. There are adherents in both Votha and on Trece Isla. Many cult members do not advertise their faith due to persecution by the Followers of the Seven Divine, who view this cult as evil.

Pure and Unsullied

Main article: Pure and Unsullied

The Pure and Unsullied is the smallest religion in Thenia and are a breakway sect of the Followers of the Seven Divine. The Pure and Unsullied are located only in Skanzia and live a fairly isolated life. They believe that they must participate in rigorous (and often brutal) rituals in order to become pure and unsullied so one may enter the afterlife. The government of Skanzia permits the existence of this religion in their country only because of their liberal religious tolerance laws, but they have stepped in when they felt that adherents had gone too far.

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