The Royal Wedding


17/6 14:00
17/6 18:00

The wedding was a beautifull ceremony except for a brief interruption due to a couple of chaos warriors attacking the palice. The party offers to help, but the guards nicely but firmly tell them that there is no need and they have everything under control.

The wedding started at two o'clock, but the Mind Link Broadcast started hours before with rumors and speculation of the dress and all other interesting things they might be seeing today. The broadcast was not only displayed in the main square, but broadcasted to all major cities in Ulthuan.   Prince Garry was waring his iconic light blue armor with a polardog mantle draped on his shoulders. Standing at the altar in the palace halls while Raeflynn entes from the courtyard through the large open doors in the most beautiful white dress set with diamands and magical spells making it flurish around her like a white cloud created from diamands and sunlight. The public held their breath while she set her first steps towards the altar when out of nowhere the gates where thrown open and a group of demanoids (a type of almost undead looking humanoid demons) stormed the courtyard. It was delt with quickly by the guards but it did scare some of the guests and disrupted the procedings a bit. However, they continued the ceremony and at the moment they bound themselves in marriage, a flock of white sparrow-rabit was released and flew over their heads out the doors and spread out in all directions: Symbolising that they spread the joy of their union with the rest of the world.

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