The kingdom of Ulthuan is a peaceful one. Thousands of years ago, it spend centuries to perfect their magical defenses and it was known as a perfect system until the Collapse of Ulthuan  .   One of the other names it is known by is the High Elf Kingdom. This however is an incorrect name as Ulthuan does not actually discriminate against elves of other ethnicity. And even though it is true that most people living in Ulthuan are indeed High Elves, the actual population exists of:
  • 67% High Elves
  • 19% Drow
  • 12% Wood Elves
  • 2% Non Elven Humanoids

Peace, Love and Caring

Somewhere in the 1st Era - 3025-08-15 4th Era

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The High Elf Kingdom
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