This island is home to the Elves and lots of dual animals such as polar-bear-dogs, eel-hounds, etc.


The island lies closer to the equator that to the north, but due to being surrounded by the oceans, it can get quite cold when there are oceanic storms (especially high in the mountains). The island is mainly one large mountain range in the shape of a croissant tapered off with large forests and some open grasslands.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the wide range of temperatures and environment, the island is home to lots of wonderful creatures that you cannot find anywhere else. Hybrid animals, such as eel-hounds and polar-bear-dogs are a common sight on this island and the island is rich in lots of ingredients used in potions and alchemy.

Natural Resources

There are almost no natural riches (gold, diamonds, etc) in the grounds of Ulthuan but it is rich in magical energy and the extremely fertile ground can grow a wide variety off plants which in turn can sustain a wide variety of creatures.



Ulthuan has been build as a safe haven and has a series of spells and artifacts protecting it. One of those defenses is a spell that lies over the entire island that blocks any unauthorized incoming teleportation spells. But the oldest defense are the Sentinals: They are placed all around the coastline and can sense magic up to 10 miles out and on command they can destroy an entire approaching fleet before they reach the shore. And combined with a 500 feet thick anti magic zone surrounding the island 8 mile off shore, it is beleaved to be impossible to take by force.
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