Chaos Wastes

The Chaos Wastes is the largest plane in the world, stretching more than 5000 miles in width and at its widest point over 2500 miles in length mostly covered in ice. Only the bravest and most desperate of people dare venture into the Chaos Wastes for it is home to the greatest calamities in the world, such as dragons to purple worms and many legends speak of places that lead deep into the Chaos Wastes but most that venture that deeply into the wastes do not return.


Almost all of the Chaos Wastes is covered in ice but the part where it is connected the the Grand Cathay there is a (relatively) small part that is enough south to have the snow and ice melt in the summer giving room to creatures that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Fauna & Flora

The Chaos Wastes are home to most of the largest creatures on the planet for the Chaos Wastes is one of the few places in the world without settlements which means that the larger creatures can live in peace without worry of humans or others hunting them. But because it is a wasteland you won't be able to find many herbivores and the ones you do find will be quite small.
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