Troll Market

Troll Market is the largest Troll settlement on the planet. It is located in the south of the Chaos Wastes in a cave underground with the entrance almost 75 miles from the nearest mountains.


The trolls of Troll Market have casters that could rival the high wizards of today in their protective spells. Just as a Dwarven door cannot be opened without the key, in the exact same way you cannot go through a wall fortified by troll magic.

Industry & Trade

In Troll Market there is no accepted monatary system. Instead they trade based on a bargening system. If you have something the other wants you can make a trade. Money is seen as a scam for the value of an item is not defined by the item but instead by how much the person wants to have it. This way a piece of food that a troll doesn't need almost completely worthless and is often given away, but the food that it planned on feeding himself or his family with cannot be bought with all the riches in the world. Trolls are naturally honest in trades and will only make a trade if both parties are happy with the trade.

Guilds and Factions

There are three main factions in Troll Market:
  • Masonries
  • Military
  • Farming
The Masons are often considered the most important faction as they build and maintain Troll Market and they also have the important taks of protecting the treasures of the trolls. The Military is responsible for protecting Troll Market from outside threads (of which there are many in the Chaos Wastes). Many trolls in the army have stories to tell of their heroics and brave deeds. But the farming faction is not specificly praised, they are respected just as all other trolls, but as this faction is a mandatory faction chosen yearly from all trolls that aren't in another faction, these trolls are not being praised for their work but just thanked.


Troll Market has seen a few regime changes one even in the recent history where the Ugoloth took over. They attacked when the Military trolls where off to help fight in The Battle for Troll Country. They managed to stop the expansion of his empire to the north, but the toll was high.   When the soldiers where away, the Ugoloth attacked the all but defenseless Troll Market and killed everyone that fought back.
Alternative Name(s)
Safe Haven 4
Inhabitant Demonym
Mainly Trolls and a few Ogers, Gonlins and Gnomes
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