Eversprings Library

The Eversprings Library is known world wide as the largest publicly accessible library in the world. Publicly they state that all knowledge that is kept secret is in defiance of the gods and should be seen as one of the most tragic things in the world. But secretly, nothing could be further from the truth for everything about the library is designed to keep the secrets and decieve people into thinking that it is all open and everything is available. There are hidden rooms filled with books and even in the large hall, there are multiple copies of the same book with different information inside so that if someone requests to read a book that contains secrets kept by the librarians, they just provide them with a book that is simmilar in all ways but without the information the librarians want to keep secret.


The library has been build in one of the largest buildings in eversprings. The outside is build in an almost roman / greek style with large columns and square corners where the inside is build with lots of small reading rooms connected to a large hallway leading to the center of the building getting bigger and bigger the closer you come to the center, all with the walls covered in books but nothing compared to the center where there is just a giant open hall tens of stories high filled with floating bookcases and books.


The construction of the library took 40 years which is a long time even for a building this large, but it took so long because of all the secresy necessary to create it in such a way that they could hide their secrets without anyone even knowing there where any secrets to be kept.   Throughout time there have been a select few outsiders with the privilege of knowing that the library has secrets. Mostly Kings and Queens or specialists in an unknown field and only if they have important books or documents containing secrets that the Order of the Librarians was interested in. They would approach these individuals and show them the secret rooms in order to convinse them that this would be the best place for them to keep their secrets.


Many scholars and even some non scholars travel to this library just to be awed by the vast collection of knowledge that lays inside those walls.
Founding Date
1208 3rd age
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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