Attack on the library

General Summary

When arriving in the city, the scholars from the Library immediately intercepted them and asked Phinux about the book. They said that it was empty and they needed her to read the book for them. The party was guided to the library where indeed, the book only showed blank pages. The scholars insisted on Phinux telling them what the book said but also for her, the pages where completely blank. After a couple of hours, the scholars gave up and one by one left again to focus on studies that actually mattered.   After they all left, phinux had the idea that it might actually have something to do with the Gate Way being open at the time and so they send Ronan to the gate to open it. When he did, the text indeed re-appeared on the paper and the book was readable again. Phinux read it for a bit while William was looking at some other books and finally took a Book from the plank that he thought looked most dark and sinister.   Suddenly, all lights darkened and died out and in the shadows forms started appearing. It where Drow and they clearly came for the book. William called out to the guards outside for help but no help came. They had to fight them off themselves.   They fought hard and eventually they got the upper hand and defeated the intruders. They kept one alive for questioning and after William threatened to cut off his ears, the Drow told them they where here for the book and that they would be back. William wanted to cut off his ears anyways and kill him but Anlanya and Raeflynn stopped him with force because the Drow had kept his end of the bargain and they could not stand the idea of an elf getting his ears cut off.   They send William to get help and outside, he found the guards with their throats slit. But it didn’t take him too long to find some guards that seemed to have just finished a fight. Apparently, the Drow attacked on multiple fronts in the city so their actual goal would be unnoticed (they just didn’t expect a group of adventurers protecting the book). While William was away, Ronan grabbed the book and some of the other books in the library and put them in his bag (you know, for safekeeping).


Report Date
10 Jun 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


Crimson Fog
Moderate (15°C - 26°C)
Wind Force
Light (1 kph)


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