Anlanya Damodred

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She grew up with her parents in the woods of Arnheim. Her mother was a wood-elf and her father a human and even though she was brought up with the wood-elves and got to learn that all animals were precious, her human side could not seem to cherish ‘ugly’ creatures, the way the rest of the wood-elves could. Because of this she was bullied by the other wood-elves and never fitted in with the rest of the children.   When she was ‘grown up’ (by human standards) she left the wood-elves to live on her own and learn how to take care of herself.


About a year after she left the wood-elves, she came across a drow whom taught her the ways of a warlock.

Mental Trauma

Fear of Water

When she was a young some bullies pushed her out of a boat in the middle of the River of Arnheim. Just when she fell in, the river started to flow more rapidly and dragged her under while the other kids where laughing. No matter how hard she swam, the river dragged her further and further along and away from the village. Only after about 20 minutes she got rescued by a white dragon, that left immediately after setting her down on the side of the river.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2975 4th 50 Years old
Presented Sex
Light Blue
Purple / Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
140 lb.

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