The Royal Wedding

General Summary

The party woke up and found that Raeflynn was missing. They remembered that her father had sent for her so they went to the city and contacted Raeflynn and she arranged for them to also be teleported to Eversprings (on costs of the palace). William drops some pieces of paper with the text “Morbo Sucks” across town before they leave. Arriving in the capital of Ulthuan (Eversprings), Raeflynn welcomed them and showed them around. They eventualy went to the [name of inn] and got a backroom to talk quietly about everything that happened. She told them that her father had her teleported to the palice to meet with the prince whom had asked for her hand in mariage. However, when she met with the prince he explained that he asked for her because he actually had a secret woman and that she was pregnant. Unfortunately because she is a low class citezen, he could never mary her and in order to raise the baby together they’ve come up with a plan: The prince would find someone to marry and she would have to pretend that she was pregnant. They would hire Annallee Dorkas to be a wetnurse and after the birth, it would be best if the woman would just leave so the prince and Annallee could raise their child together. For this plan the’ve chosen Raeflynn because she has never shown any interest in the throne and her love to travel the world would be a good readon for her to leave (and the bond between the two families would be a welcome bonus). Raeflynn also explains that to fulfill her part of the deal, she will be marying the price next week and that untill the baby is born she has to stay and learn how to be a princess. The group is shocked but they decide that they could use some rest from constantly being on the run for the empire.   The wedding was a beautifull ceremony except for a brief interruption due to a couple of chaos warriors attacking the palice. The party offers to help, but the guards nicely but firmly tell them that there is no need and they have everything under control.   After the wedding the party tries to find out more about the attack and hear that the attacks started a few months ago and have usually just been scouting parties with the occasional raid. The part however that is worying is that they can’t seem to figure out where they come from (or more precicely: how they get in Ulthuan). They seem to just appear somewhere north of the city but none of the search parties have been able to find anything.


3025-06-12 - 3025-06-17
Report Date
28 May 2020


Draconic Clouds
Moderate (16°C - 22°C)
Wind Force
Light (14 kph)
Draconic Clouds
Clouds shaped like dragons and winged wyrms twist through the sky, sometimes colliding and tearing through each other.


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