Saving the Refugees

General Summary

After they defeated the kill squad, they went to Eversprings to go to the refugees.   They enter the city through the sewers and started moving towards the center of the city. They encountered 3 drow and attacked them, killing one of them and questioning the other two, William cast a zone of truth and one of the drow immediately turned to Raeflynn and started asking questions. "Where is the resistance hiding?", "Where are the rebels?", "What are you doing here?", etc... Raeflynn whom was also affected by the zone of truth deflected all questions with questions. He did eventually give some answers but when he didn't want to say how they got to the island for they would be killed. Ronan decided to remove the ulna and William drewled some acid on the arm in order to intimidate the guy. It worked rather well and he told them that they used Submarines.   Underneath the church Ronan cast discuise self on himself and discuise elf on Raeflynn, Anlanya also cast sicuise self on herself and Ronan used his discuise kit on Phinux in order for her to also look like a drow. They climbed out but Raeflynn was noticed by another soldier walking nearby. He asked "Who goes there?" to wich Raeflynn answered that they where looking for the resistance in the sewers. He asked if they found them and wiched them good luck when they told him they hadn't. They entered the church and noticed it to be empty. They walked to the back room and found the priest that welcomed Anlanya when she needed help with Doggo. He pleaded to please just let them be, they already gave everything. But after Anlanya dropped her disguise, the priest recognised her and calmed down a bit. Raeflynn took her tiara and showed it to him explaining that they where in discuise but that they came in peace. The priest immediately bowed, appologising to his queen and saying he would do anything for his queen. The priest guided them underground back into the sewers to the hidden entrance to where the refugees where hiding. They met up with Ykki and William, dropped their discuises and entered.   As far as they could see, there where countless elves sitting, tending to wounds and trying to be quiet. They asked around for the prince and finally found him with Annallee Dorkas. The prince just sat there, staring into nothingness as if his mind was completely gone. Annallee greeted them and apologised for the prince. She explained what happened to the Prince and why he wasn't himself anymore.   The party talked a bit amoungst themselves and decided that going throug the The Ways would be their best option to get to a safe place so Raeflynn took it upon herself to speak to her subjects and instruct them on what to do. Before they left, Raeflynn first found a messenger and asked him to open a communication to her father and tell him that she was ok and that they where going to bring the refugees to safety. He told her that he was glad to hear that but that he was injured during the fight and that he had fled to the Sky Forge. He asked her if she could visit him after she brought them to safety and told her that it was important and that she needed to be quick about it. Meanwhile, someone had told Ykki that he heared a story of a tribe of her kind (Aaracokra) to live in the Great Desert of Araby (near Karag Orrud) and Ronan and Anlanya went to find the woman she needed to return the Hand of Vecna to. They found her but she did not see happy to see them. With a face of horror she looked as Ronan took out the hand and let Anlanya give it to her. Feeling the Unbreakable Vow resolve she exclaimed that they where fools to bring this here, it was not safe and it couldn't stay here. Ronan asked what she wanted them to do with it and she told them of the church of light and that that was about the only place she thought the hand might be safe. Ronan and Anlanya prommised that they would go there once everyone was safe.   In the ways, Ykki had the feeling that the darkness was thicker and closer than it normally was and some people where asking around trying to find people, untill a hand made from shadows grabbed Ykki. The shadows tried to drag her into the darkness but William would not let them, he attacked and stopped the shadow, but quickly more and more shadows converged on them and many people (including Ykki and Raeflynn) sat down on one knee and just bowed, doing nothing else. Trying as hard as they could, they could not stop this force from taking Ykki and countless others. Once through the Way Gate in the Forest of Arnheim they saw that almost 20% hadn't made it. Raeflynn again made a speach to the people and they mourned the dead.


3025-08-15 - 3025-09-01
Report Date
13 Jun 2020


Luminous Clouds
Moderate (14°C - 23°C)
Wind Force
Light (11 kph)
Luminous Clouds
Luminous clouds cast light as bright as full daylight, even at night. Magical darkness of any level counters luminous cloudlight.


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