The Ways

The ways where created by the Time Sorcerers. It is a network of gates connected through the ways; A faster way of traveling to any place in the world.
Access & Availability
When creating the ways, the wizards ment for it to be accessible to everyone but when the ways where finally done and they tested them they wheren't all too confident in the safety of using it. This is when they decided to lock this off from the general public and created the Dragons to protect the gates and prevent unauthorized usage.
The complexity of the ways is so complex that the wizards themselves could not actually create it, when they tried to create the magic weave, the weave itself started changing without the wizards input and eventually snapped into place. It was that change before it snapped into place that made the wizards wary of the potential dangers that the change could have added to the ways.
15595-08-13 (1st age)

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