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The Carnival of the Ancestors

Its an event which take place in the Principality of Rande during the middle of the year. People of all the world come to participate. During one week, the inhabitants of Agares can participate in festivities paying tribute to The Ancestors. During this carnival, people have to disguise themselves in another species, for example an Elf can disguise itself as Human. The purpose of this practice is to unify the races and to learn or to remember that at the base, everyone was united.   During the events, many stands are erected with a wide choice of themes and they come with all the activities. Even if the main theme is The Ancestors, many activities are about the specialities of the races, as the Technical Show from the Werebeasts or Circus of the Sun from the Half-humans.   This is also the occasion to see Dragons, Flugel and even Elementals.   This good atmosphere in the harmony of the races was instituted after the year of creation, after The Ancestors fought each other and divided their unit. This is an opportunity to remember the long years together in this world.


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Great article! I love the concept of disguises :D

Journals of Yesteryear

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