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Consortium of Intelligent Species

When the Auk’kheem (called “The Builders” by humans) began making contact with other intelligent species as they explored space, it became apparent that a meeting place was needed where conflicts between intelligent species might be peacefully resolved, trade negotiated and wisdom shared. With this goal in mind, a facility was built on an uninhabitable planet plagued by constant, violent storms. This meeting place is called the Birthplace of Light and Shadow.

Due to the nature of each species, it is not always possible for representatives to understand each other by speech, so additional technology was developed by the Builders to enable communication. Each diplomat possesses a crystal translator that enables direct brainwave access to the other members. This can be daunting due to the intimate nature of the connection, but it also helps assure honesty and sincerity. Taking this role is an act of personal courage.


All member nations are considered equal. There is no organizational structure, for every member is considered to have an equal voice, even those races that are subservient to others.

Public Agenda

The purpose of the consortium is to diffuse or resolve conflict, to share collected wisdom and technology, and to learn about the cultures of other species. Toward this end, the representatives allow unfettered access to their minds by the other races to ensure there is no deception and that resolutions are sincere.


The Birthplace was built and maintained by the Auk’kheem approximately 40,000 years ago. For eons the member nations treated with one another to varying degrees of success; however, relations began to deteriorate about 10,000 years ago and several species left the Consortium. A war began between the Naga and the Auk'kheem, and during the ensuing violence the Auk'kheem effigy was destroyed. Following this deplorable act, the Vaa removed their statue and disappeared from known space.


The Consortium was never officially disbanded during or after the war. Representatives from the various species simply declined to return to the Birthplace for several eons.

The Jinn, Singers, Tirmas and Yun’dzai have maintained tenuous relations during their absence from the Birthplace. With the reappearance in modern times of the being known as The Architect, these four races have come back to the Consortium to resume their partnership.


Member Races
Of the sixteen races represented by effigies on the Birthplace of Light and Shadow, two are known to be extinct. The member species are:
* Ahea
* Auk’kheem (aka the Builders) (missing, presumed extinct)
* Azuraki (extinct)
* Drochile
* Eeyunadi
* The Jinn
* Naga (extinct)
* Narrahan
* The Oh
* Qoppanishu
* Singers
* Tirmas
* Ting’sha
* Vaa (missing)
* Yun’dzai
* Z’tekis


  • Map of Map of the Builders
    This map was inscribed on Nazca Plain for the future use of human beings when they became a space-going race.  When interposed and scaled along certain anchor points, the map reveals the locations of members of the Consortium of Intelligent Species.  Viewed within the Wheel of Worlds (known as Windows to humans and the Zaaskira to the Jinn), this map expands to a 3D view.  Some constellations are territories rather than revealing the specific location of home worlds, as some of the member species were not keen on revealing the central location of their race.  The entire network of portals built by the Auk'kheem are contained within this diagram.

Approximately 40,000 years ago - Approximately 5,500 years ago

Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Consortium
Controlled Territories

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