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The Wheel of Worlds

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Eons ago, a race of aliens began exploring space, leaving behind portals that would allow intelligent beings to travel from planet to planet without need of spacecraft. They created a network of pathways to promising worlds throughout their galaxy, allowing them the ability to study the diversity of the universe without long space voyages.

They called the device the "Wheel of Worlds".

Along the way, they met other intelligent species and invited them to travel along with them. The Auk'kheem, also called the Builders, had never known war or deceit. They did not anticipate that any of their new contacts might wish them harm. They were innocent, asking only for an exchange of ideas and culture. The Builders were not prepared for other races to rise up against them... but they did.

In the ensuing war, the Builders vanished. None of the other races knew what had happened to them. That secret died with the Naga, who had made war on the gentle Builders, though the rest wondered. Only the Jinn carried the seed of the Builders' great work forward, following the plan set out by an enigmatic being called the Architect, on the promise that this radical path would one day save their species from certain extinction.

Travel through the Wheel of Worlds to the place where our story begins, a blue-green jewel of a world called Earth, and join the quest to find the Builders and learn the identity of the true masters of deceit who sought to destroy them millennia ago. Learn about the history of the mysterious Architect and his plan to save the Jinn, using humanity as the key.

The Wheel can take you anywhere and anywhen. Where will it take you?