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Story: Ripples of the Unseen

Professor Enoch Brand, a revered scholar in the Ochal Confederacy, was known for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly for the esoteric and the uncharted. His fixation with the unknown drew him to the lore of the enigmatic Tsuthar'Chor, a civilization said to dwell in the unexplored depths of the Vorrh Abyss.   A chance discovery of an archaic sea captain’s log spoke of an ill-fated expedition that had glimpsed a city of alien grandeur deep within the abyss. Fascinated, Enoch assembled a crew of the fearless and the foolhardy, leading them into the stygian expanse of the Vorrh Abyss.   The ancient city emerged from the stygian depths, a grotesque sprawl of inexplicable structures that seemed to defy all known laws of geometry. Eerie energies whispered from its form, unsettling the crew and slowly fraying the edges of their sanity.   As the expedition journeyed deeper into the city, they were assailed by shared nightmares, spectral echoes of a long-dead civilization filled with prophetic utterances of the D'Naglahx. Each dream left a feeling of profound unease, subtly weaving a web of dread that threatened to consume them.   Drawn to the pulsating heart of the city, Enoch found himself confronted by a Sibilith, an entity of the Tsuthar'Chor that bore a grotesque resemblance to humankind. With a touch, the Sibilith extinguished Enoch's life, taking his form.   Methodically, it then hunted the crew down one by one, eradicating every trace of human life within the city before returning to the surface world, a perfect mimicry of Enoch. The ship set sail for the shores of the Ochal Confederacy, its crew list now consisted of one.   Upon its arrival, the Sibilith-as-Enoch slipped seamlessly into the academic's life, subtly influencing those around it. Its purpose remained enigmatic; it moved through society like a ghost, subtly manipulating events and people, leaving only cryptic signs of its passage.   Meanwhile, the true noch lay lifeless in the ancient city, his dreams of discovery shattered amidst the terrible realisation of the Tsuthar'Chor’s grand design. His expedition had served its purpose, providing the Sibilith an open door to the surface world, where it now moved with dark purpose, a chilling testament to the ancient prophecy of the D'Naglahx.


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