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Story: I Am All We

In the neon-kissed darkness, a holographic image of the universe unfurled, teeming with its eternal, mechanistic movement. Illyria Aspera Elustra stared at it, her eyes flickering with the ghostly reflection of dying stars and sentient galaxies, all caught in the throes of entropic despair. The cosmic panorama before her, a universe she had only ever known through holographic dimensions, was both chillingly alien and dishearteningly familiar.  
  The GODHEAD was failing, a truth that was both empirical and horrifying. Its decline had insidiously woven into the cosmic tapestry a sort of inoperable tumor of the soul, infecting every star system, every planet, every species. The madness, the chaos, the inevitable decline, all were symptoms of an ageless, formless entity struggling to keep its sanity intact while presiding over infinity. The toll, it seemed, was too vast for any entity, however divine.   Illyria, a mere mortal in the grand play of cosmic theatre, found herself the final hope for a new beginning. She had become the emissary of change, the reaper and sower of the cosmic field, the terminal point of an era and the genesis of the next. Her mind raced, chased by shadowy ideas and the relentless ticking of the universal clock.   In the gleaming metropolis of Persepolis, amongst the ruinous towers of that antediluvian city, she confronted the GODHEAD. It was an encounter like confronting an echo, a shadow, an ancient mirage that had lost touch with its corporeal reality, disconnected from the very universe it had given birth to. And as she struck it down, the universe ceased to exist, the chaos reaching its ultimate peak before the silence of nonexistence.  
  In the deafening quiet that followed, Illyria birthed a universe from the fragments of her thoughts, her hopes, her fears. It sprang into existence, beautiful and terrifying, birthed in her image, yet not constrained by her limits. And she whispered into the cosmic void, a declaration and an acceptance, "I Am All We."   Now, there was a universe where she was both creator and observer, GODHEAD and mortal, bound by the very cosmic laws she had willed into existence. And amidst this grand paradox, she bore the knowledge of her predecessor's fate, a haunting echo in her new-formed universe, a reminder of the tenuous balance between order and chaos, sanity and madness.


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