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Story: A Flight from Shadow

In the heart of Nash Dom, in the labyrinthine alleys of the bustling capital, there was a girl named Evadne who held a secret as dangerous as it was precious. She was a mage, gifted with powers that were forbidden in her homeland. Her gift was her curse, and she lived her life in constant fear of the Inquisition.   The Inquisition, the spectral arm of the Legion, was a chilling force of nature in Nash Dom. Robed in austere black, their faces concealed, they were the hunters of those who held the forbidden power of magic. Unyielding, merciless, they moved through the land like an unescapable shadow, their presence a constant reminder of Nash Dom's unyielding stance against magic.   Evadne's power first surfaced when she was merely a child, a spark of magic that lit up her eyes with strange colors. Her parents, terrified for their daughter, hid her away, teaching her to suppress her gift, to blend in, to be invisible. She grew up, her power tucked away deep within her, but her heart yearned for freedom, for a place where she could explore her gift without fear.   One fateful day, the Inquisition arrived in her neighborhood. The black-robed figures moved through the streets, their silent steps echoing the doom that followed them. Panic gripped Evadne as she hid in their cellar, her parents standing guard, their faces etched with worry.   In the silence of the cellar, as she heard the Inquisition approaching, Evadne made a decision. She would not live her life in fear anymore; she would escape Nash Dom. Gathering her courage, she snuck out of her house under the cover of night, the eerie silence of the streets amplifying her fear.   She journeyed through the island nation, avoiding the main roads and the watchful eyes of the Legion. She traversed the dense rainforests, hid in the shadows of the mighty mountains, and found refuge in the empty beaches. The terror of the Inquisition was never far from her mind, their faceless masks and relentless pursuit a constant shadow that followed her.   But Evadne was not alone in her struggle. In her journey, she found allies, fellow mages living in secret, slaves who yearned for freedom, and sympathizers who saw the oppression of Nash Dom. They helped her navigate, shared their food and shelter, and stood as silent sentinels as she passed through dangerous terrains.   After a grueling journey, Evadne reached the coastline, her escape boat hidden in a secret cove. As she prepared to depart, she felt the chilling presence of the Inquisition. They had found her. The robed figures emerged from the treeline, moving with a terrifying certainty. Panic rose within her, but she swallowed it down, her resolve hardening. She would not let them take her.   As the Inquisitors approached, Evadne did something she had not done in years. She unleashed her magic. A brilliant burst of light erupted from her, pushing back the Inquisitors, giving her the precious moments she needed. She leaped into the boat, and with a final burst of her magic, she propelled the boat into the open sea.   Her heart pounded in her chest as she saw the Inquisitors on the shore, their figures receding as she moved further away. She was leaving Nash Dom, leaving her fear and oppression behind. The open sea stretched before her, a symbol of her newfound freedom. Her journey was far from over, but for the first time, Evadne felt hope. She had escaped the Inquisition, she had escaped Nash Dom, and she was finally free to be who she was, a mage.


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