The Pyra asteroid belt is located in the Plechsmid SubSector. Only 4 parsecs from the Otis, the subsector capital, it provides ores and minerals to many of the inhabited and growing worlds throughout the area. While many star systems have asteroid belts that can provide some of the same stuff, Pyra is so huge and the amount and variation of available compounds, the ability to combine cargo payloads as ordered is a benefit, only expansive belts like this can provide the raw materials requested on an economical basis.   While the official population of the system is listed as about 100,000, this does not account for the large number of independent belters and the regular visitors from cargo runs and could easily be ten to a hundred times greater. While most belters will abide by the laws of the local government, including paying their share of the tax for support, there are many independent belters that are operating in the less inhabited and surveyed areas of the belt. These do not generally pay taxes, but they also do not depend on any of the governmental infrastructure, preferring to mine and process their cargo loads and leave the system. Some are regulars, some are one-shot miners, hoping or investigating the "next great discovery" and may or may not be successful.   The local government does maintain a fleet of enforcement ships and crews, although it's rare that anyone will attempt to fight it out, either running (which may or may not be successful) or just taking their lumps as adjudicated by local law.

Natural Resources

Iron and Nickel. Two of the mainstay elements for the structural integrity of vehicles (starships and local travel) and buildings. Integral to the safety of inhabitants of worlds whether they are in airless voids like the belts themselves, or on human habitable planets nearly identical to that of Old Earth.
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