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Tencholi Station

Tencholi Station is the largest of the 4 stations comprising the Pyran Station and Government complexes. The first built, it houses the system government in addition to a multitude of trade associations and belter support.


The Pyran government is the largest employer on the station, although ship maintenance, several trade facilities, and limited recreational options are also available.


The station is run by an Administrator who reports to the Pyran government council. They are in charge of and responsible for the Protectors for the quadrant, tax and other revenue intake, law enforcement on the station, and safety of the inhabitants and visitors.


The station has basic defenses comprising of sandcasters along with point defense weapons to ward off dangerous collisions with roaming asteroids. There is little defense against a concerted effort to take over the station, although the station police and protectors could handle relatively small incursions.

Industry & Trade

Support for the miners working in the belt. Providing most trade goods needed plus some non-essential but desirable ones. Houses the quadrant Tax and Government House. In addition, Tencholi is the largest and therefore the government seat for the Pyran system.


There are several districts, although they are not formally known as such. The docks are a distinct area and comprise one whole arm of the station. Near the docs are warehousing and ship maintenance. The government district, housing district, and trade districts are all separate areas of the station, not by design, but mostly for comfort and ease of doing with the various areas. Housing is separated and includes a higher level safety and enforcement. This is to support children and those who are resting and lowers their requirement for personal safety awareness during those times. The entertainment and food district also comprises a large portion of the station, although these are less exclusively located in a small area and more spread into different groups to make competition better and discourage problems.
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