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Alesia Jordaine

Duchess of Jordaine and Bloodthirsty Coward

Duchess Alesia Jordaine is the current rule of the Jordaine Duchy. Both famous and infamous, Duchess Jordaine's power and influence are second only to Emperor Heinrich himself.   Duchess Alesia is said to be highly skilled in sword-fighting and horse-riding, and although she seems to have little interest in diplomacy, her overwhelming sense of presence tends to command any room she finds herself in. Socially, this makes her rather difficult to approach, and if you ever find yourself attending the same parties as her, I recommend steering clear and focusing your social energies elsewhere. Duchess Alesia Jordaine is not someone you'd want to call your friend nor your enemy. Your best bet is to stay well out of her way.     

Early Life & Ascension to Power

  Born to Duke Sigeberht Jordaine and Duchess Solveig Jordaine in IY 1017, Alesia Jordaine was raised within the Imperial Palace as companion and playmate to her imperial cousin, the future Emperor Heinrich. Only one year younger than him, she received an education alongside him, benefiting from the best possible tutors in the empire.   Although neither had yet inherited a title, Duchess Alesia and Emperor Heinrich entered service in the Imperial Army together, where they each showed an incredible prowess for swordplay that earned them the title of the Twin Lions of the Empire (a nickname possibly partially inspired by the two lions which appear on the Jordaine family crest).    After fighting several successful campaigns together in the ever-present minor wars of The Bloodlands, the illustrious cousins finally parted ways when the death of the previous emperor caused Heinrich I to ascend to the imperial throne. A few years later, Duchess Alesia inherited her own title and was asked by the Emperor to lead his armies, a post which she proudly accepted.   This news was widely celebrated, with many believing that the Twin Lions would lead Viland to a new golden age.    However, Emperor Heinrich I immediately sent Duchess Jordaine to once again fight the empire's battles in the Bloodlands, and although the Duchess initially promised to bring peace to the region, she instead quickly gained a reputation for harshness and brutality in the treatment of her enemies. The wars in the region seemed to only grow worse during her tenure as Imperial General.  The people of the empire began to view her with fear rather than admiration.    

Battle of Basnora Pass

  The final blow to Duchess Alesia's reputation came in Imperial Year 1044, when Heinrich I sent Duchess Jordaine to win back the island of Alborota from the brutal bandits who had murdered the Marqués and his family in order to seize control of the territory. The subsequent battle, which became known as The Battle of Basnora Pass, stretched on for over seven days. At about the halfway point, it seemed as though the imperial forces might very well lose to the insurgents, who had a major terrain advantage in the narrow mountain pass.   It was at this point that Duchess Jordaine abandoned her troops and fled the battlefield.    And yet, even without their famous commander, the imperial forces rallied and managed to attain a hard-won victory against the bandits, reclaiming Alborota for the empire shortly after.   Duchess Jordaine reappeared several weeks later, with no clear explanation for her desertion. She was stripped of her title and has since had a reputation as a coward and a tyrant.    


  After that disaster, Duchess Jordaine remained out of the public eye for many years, until just recently when she announced her engagement to the first son and heir of Earl Eduarte Gwedric, Lord Roger Gwedric. The Gwedric Earldom shares a border with Jordaine, and thus it may be assumed that this is a political marriage to secure control of Gwedric and add it to the Duchy's territory. It is a match that otherwise makes little sense.    Regardless of her reputation, it is this writer's opinion that it's about time the Duchess married. Regardless of other considerations, she is well past her peak child-bearing age, and has only a few years left in which it is at all likely for her to conceive. It would be a great shame indeed if the once-great Jordaine bloodline were to end on such a sour note.    

Jordaine Family Tree

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
IY 1017, Month 10, Day 35
Year of Birth
1017 35 Years old
Long, wild, and fire-red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
lightly tanned with signs of sun damage accumulated over the years
sturdily built
Crest of House Jordaine

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