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Alborota and its sister islands, Orcarota and Santarota, are all named for the Rota, a unique, brightly-colored seabird that makes its home the islands. This bird makes a prominent appearance on the Alborota family crest.    Prior to The Starling War in 1043, the region was primarily known for their highly skilled artisans who produced luxury goods for eventual sale in the capital (and all over the empire.)   In Imperial Year 1043 the infamous bandit known only as The Starling led a group of men to overthrow the capital of Alborota, killing the Marqués and all six of his children in the process. After about a year of lawlessness under the rule of these bandits, the imperial army was able to retake the island.   Currently ruled by a provisional governor appointed by Emperor Heinrich I.
Crest of House Alborota


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