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Arriving and then leaving

The party arrives in Aachen then heads on to Copenhagen.

Plot points/Scenes

The team arrives in Aachen. There they get the chance to speak Emon Kanis and find that he is willing to help. The Seeress will be present too, allowing for the chance to catch up.   The latter will warn them that a recent foreign immigrant has been curious about the Tower of Emon Kanis, and the Palace of Aachen. If they would avoid this person at all costs, the better. Something about the person, who is constantly robed or disguised, exudes menace & an otherworldly presence. They may still run into Dassem Luqman.   At the same time, a few of the mercenaries and the noble allied to or belonging to the de Rais family starts to take notice of the group. Some will start sniffing around trying to check out if Cyrielle is one of them. During this time they may run into Countess Gabrielle de Rais. This may result in either a fight in the middle of the city or a quick getaway.   The group also hears that a man speaking a foreign tongue at times with a foreign accent has recently passed through going north to Copenhagen in Denmark. He is looking for a ship to take him to the centre of the Baltic Sea to check out a mythic island that may help him go back home.   When they make it to Copenhagen, they will find a ship willing to take them. A Jarl Magnus Ulfsson will be happy to take them and supply 9 slaves for the sacrifice. This will cost 5 gold altogether. His only condition is that they will have to go via Gothenburg so he can leave household troops off. They are due to travel to Uppsala, where they are suffering raids by an Undead horde sent by the Necrocult, looking to weaken the Nordic religion with it's destruction.


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