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The gigantic tenement towers dominating the horizon of The Canyons, originally known as Taps(after the Tenement Arcology Program), now commonly referred to as Arks.
Access & Availability
The Arks were intended as tools for the city to combat and control the housing crisis that plagued Edge City. The original charters for the properties included rent control, and equal opportunity applications. However, the city and state government turned a blind eye as megacorps and gangsters carved out territories in the Canyons, taking control of entire buildings. There are still government controlled Arks, where anyone who can afford a space is welcome, but those Arks are always in the worst states of disrepair and under funded. Megacorps like Zaibatsu Tech and Winston-Park Global, have all but purchased some Arks. Those buildings tend to be the safest and the cleanest in the Canyons, but they are also the hardest to get into and the residents live under heavy surveillance. The majority of the Arks are under the control of The Syndicate. The Arks where Syndicate soldiers live are kept clean, with active maintenance and high levels of security. Arks where the Syndicate produce drugs, and/or store weapons, are mostly run down and dangerous places to live.

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