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Session IV: Meet the Cromonis

General Summary

Once again late to the mission briefing, the The Black Dawn received a preliminary lecture from Castellan on the importance of arriving on time. Castellan is already at his wits end with his employees at this point, with their faces on every billboard in the country. Their inability to do a job stealthily or as planned paired with being chronically late made this Castellan's nightmare.   The banquet itself went very smoothly, with the members of the party able to act natural and obtain information. They learned that Salvatore Cromoni, the godfather of the mafia, was housing the device in the manor's basement, and later found that it was kept behind a thick steel door with a cantrip lock, a type of lock that only opens with a specific use of a specific cantrip. After indulging themselves with the food and drinks at the party, the group decided to come the next morning when it would be much less crowded.   What happened the next morning was anything but silent. Avaahn Casper silently took out much of the security force, namely that guarding the bunker, while Jinx, Balasar, and Tarik set out to find their way in. Tarik took the uniform of one of the defeated security guards and Jinx tapped into Cromoni's systems, while Balasar Blackwater decided to infiltrate Cromoni's office. Minutes later, what was once Cromoni's face was now a shotgunned mess of blood and bone, while demonic apes known as Barlgura that Blackwater had summoned roamed the halls.   At the end of the day, the cantrip lock was overloaded with five spells at a time and the matter destroyer was secured for Castellan's big heist in the future. Although, the The Black Dawn had just made a terrible enemy, and Isabella Cromoni just became fatherless.   Grievances: 2
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
08 Jun 2019


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