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Session III: Airborne Action

General Summary

After his employees arrived late to his office, Castellan begrudgingly briefed the crew on their next assignment, and first setup job: robbing a Wildeburnian cargo airship passing over just outside of Valland. The gang was to gather information from a Wildeburnian ambassador, Bhaladin Greatforge, before setting of on the job.   After the briefing, Castellan  suited them up with their state-of-the-art wingsuits, very militaristic yet sleek in design. They were also given three magic items to complete the job: the Amulets of Juxtaposition, a pair of broken heart necklaces that could switch the position of each wearer in an instant; the Rope of Fastening, a magic rope with incredible strength that could magically adhere its ends to any two surfaces at a distance; and the Staff of Destruction, an explosive staff that could blow straight through two feet of solid metal, with only one use and the caveat that, if used on any organic matter, it would kill the user.   The job, like most of the Black Dawn's work, was not completed with any modicum of quiet. The airship, after a blow to its reactor from Balasar Blackwater with the Staff of Destruction, crashed down into the Vallandian countryside. This was an absolute nightmare for diplomacy between the already feuding countries, especially because the prototype warforged had come up missing in the wreckage. Despite calling the world's attention to themselves, the criminals successfully made it out with the prototype.
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
08 Jun 2019


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