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Alaina Casper

Alaina Casper is a former human assassin and current wealthy Elarian socialite. She is the husband of elven member of Parliament Aldrin Casper, and mother of eight half-elves: Alathar, Elincia, Avaahn, Evaahn, Elvaeralle, Arun'thaar, Adrynn, and Ellamaya Casper.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alaina Casper, born Alaina Dumont, was born in 521 AP in the Loire Province of Elaria. She had gone through Elarian school very successfully, never the top of her class but always in the better half. Applying to a university, Alaina chose to explore a career in assassination, which was a long-held family tradition at that point. As the most recent version of the generational Dumont assassin, Alaina excelled in stealth and subterfuge, as well as the arcane.   Alaina had been the assassin to many targets, taking dozens of bounties over her lifetime. With one such contract, Alaina was tasked with killing successful member of Parliament Aldrin Casper. In a twist of romance, Alaina instead fell in love with Aldrin. The two became wrapped in a beautiful amour, becoming engaged in 546 and becoming married that same year.   In 547, Alaina and Aldrin gave birth to their first children, fraternal twins Alathar and Elincia. A year later in 548, they would give birth to Avaahn, who would eventually become their (unspoken) favorite child. Just over two years later in 551, they gave birth to their daughter Evaahn. The couple also brought Elvaeralle Casper into the world in 554 AP. Four years later, they welcomed their sixth-born son Arun'thaar into the family in 558. Their seventh-born son Adrynn was born about 6 years later in 564 AP. And finally, their youngest child was born in 571 AP, a daughter by the name of Ellamaya Casper.   The expansive Casper Family grew up very happily (save for a bitter rivalry between Alathar and Avaahn). This changed in 575 AP when tragedy struck; Alathar and Avaahn, the former involved with the Slicers and the latter involved with the Black Dawn, were pitted against each other in lethal combat. In their second and final battle as genuine enemies, Avaahn (finally) bested his older brother in combat, although sparing his life. Despite Avaahn's act of mercy, his criminal associates Tarik Gamathanki and Daedalus murdered Alaina's firstborn at Casper Manor, while she and her husband were off on a diplomatic assignment.   Alaina Casper has made very few public appearances since her son's murder, and has not spoken with either Avaahn nor Evaahn since the incident. Aldrin, likewise, declines to speak of his son's death to the press.


Wealth & Financial state

As a founding member of the incredibly wealthy Casper family, Alaina Casper is among the highest of Elaria's upper class. She and her family own numerous beautiful properties across multiple countries, an exuberant amount of money, as well as inheritance from wealthy ancestors from both Alaina's side and her husband's side.
Social Neutral
Date of Birth
Mystrum 9th, 521 AP
Loire, Elaria
Straight, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
130 lbs


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