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Aldrin Casper

Aldrin Casper is a current high elven Elarian member of Parliament and aristocrat. Aldrin is the head of the wealthy and influential Casper family, husband to former assassin Alaina Casper and father to Alathar, Elincia, Avaahn, Evaahn, Elvaeralle, Arun'thaar, Adrynn, and Ellamaya Casper.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aldrin Casper was born in 301 AP, to wealthy high elven aristocrats of Vatia, Elaria. From a young age, Aldrin showed himself to be very well-spoken and charismatic, a skill of which would influence his future career in politics.   Aldrin had a very privileged and educated upbringing, becoming very proficient in his education, notably language and history. He excelled in his classes, and graduated from a very prestigious Elarian university. In his time as a politician (normally between positions in Vatian provincial government), he was once the victim of attempted political assassination. In a twist of romance, Aldrin instead fell in love with his assassin, soon engaged to Alaina Dumont in 546. They would marry that same year, shortly before Aldrin's campaign towards a position as a member of Parliament.    With decades of experience in politics, Aldrin was successfully elected into office in 546, at age 245. Aldrin was elected into Parliament, Elaria's highest chamber of the legislative branch. Just before his campaign for Parliament, Aldrin's wife Alaina became pregnant with twins, born in 547 AP as Alathar and Elincia Casper. One year later, they gave birth to their (unspoken) favorite son Avaahn, and two years after that their daughter Evaahn. They eventually doubled their number of children in the coming years, with their daughter Elvaeralle born in 554 AP, their son Arun'thaar born in 558 AP, their son Adrynn born in 571 AP, and their final daughter Ellamaya born in 571 AP.    The Caspers lived happily for decades, with Aldrin being re-elected every election following his first. This pretentious yet happy family fell into despair and fracture in 575 AP, when their sons Alathar and Avaahn were pitted against each other (Alathar being a Slicer sent to eliminate the Black Dawn and Avaahn being a member of said Black Dawn). Their final battle at Casper Manor ended in Alathar's first and last defeat at the hands of Avaahn, although Avaahn spared his older brother's life. Despite this act of mercy, Avaahn's Black Dawn associates Tarik Gamathanki and Daedalus finished the job and murdered the Casper firstborn. Aldrin and the rest of the family haven't seen Avaahn nor Evaahn since.


Wealth & Financial state

As a founding member of the incredibly wealthy Casper family, Aldrin Casper is among the highest of Elaria's upper class. He and his family own numerous beautiful properties across multiple countries, an exuberant amount of money, as well as inheritance from wealthy ancestors from both Aldrin's side and his wife's side.
Lawful Neutral
Date of Birth
Eldathum 13th, 301 AP.
Year of Birth
301 AP
Vatia, Elaria
150 lbs
Aligned Organization


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