Stone Pike Prison

It is best that you take your own life before they capture you or they'll send you to Stone Pike and a mage often does not last long in a place like that for long - Wanted Mage

Purpose / Function

Stone Pike was created to be house a certain type of criminal and that was of the magical variety as they were considered too dangerous to be kept in normal prisons due to them not being able to hold them properly as they could use magic to escape. But here there was no escape for them and their magic would be stripped from them until they would be released from prison.


With time the prison would become more and more fortified to make it impossible to escape from it. Often through having traps set up to capture or kill prisoners. Along with reinforced walls to prison cells as well.


The prison itself is built within and around the island itself as it is not possible to build a complete prison due to the uneven terrain. It is from here that cells were made from the many chambers and natural tunnels the are around the island. With materials brought in to make it a functioning prison along with build cells from the rock bed to save time. Though little design was put into them due to it being a prison and not a vacation resort. But there has been evidence of the island being once inhabited as some of it has built-in rooms of carved and chiseled stone with elegant designs of both crude and elegant carvings in walls of aquatic life with certain patterns. Along with sculptures being carved from the stone walls themselves Making it is believed that the island was inhabited by ancient Hyperions, but has long since been abandon for some reason.


Imprisonment of Magic

  Though the persecution of magic had been all but depleted in the Vatian Empire with Emperor Alexander Aurelius, the Mage Emperor, it did not mean the end of crime by those with magic who committed them. Along with those who practiced the dark arts to commit unspeakable acts. Though it was often difficult to hold them due to many prisons being unable to handle individuals with powers such as theirs. Often resorting to dangerous incidents with a mage causing much death and destruction around the prison. Causing some prisons to have them restrained at all times and worse have their tongue cut out so they could say any incantations. But with magic users being far and in between not all prisons had proper protocol when one did arrive with some cases not realizing that they were magic users until they used their magic. Then it was decided that those criminals with magic would be placed in a special prison to be dealt with far away from anyone and isolated so they could not be able to escape so easily. The prison would be built on an island infamous for its jagged cliffs and is rough waves going by the name of Jagged Rock. It was here that Stone Pike could be built inside of the island as it was impossible to construct due to the rugged terrain. Using every tunnel and open chamber they could find to turn it into a full-on prison and within a few years, it was fully operational.  

Securing Prisoners

  When the prison was first open things were a little dicey as the guards have to keep a close eye on the prisoners as they could still use magic. So they often had their hands bound and their mouths gagged at all times to not be able to use magic. This did not stop some from trying and it lead to bloody riots leading to many dead on both sides. It wasn’t until the creation of Arcane Nullifiers that they were able to have a better hand of the situation as their prisoners were now powerless due to their magic canceling restraints. It was here that the prison was able to house hundreds of prisoners with ease and not have to deal with too many trouble makers. Though from time to time there would be some that would cause trouble from time to time and it wouldn’t do too much damage. Though the conditions they put them through can be brutal at times they have to be careful of them not being able to use magic. But since the founding of the prison, there has never been one successful escape attempt in prison history making it one of the most secure prisons in the empire.  

Hellish Existence

  Life in the prison is some pathing that none of the inmates will enjoy as they are not treated well by their jailers. As they are often seen as dangerous creatures who can destroy them at any moment. Prisoners have to follow a certain set of rules as well to avoid punishment ranging from when they can speak to what time they are supposed to sleep. As it is a way to make the prisoners more controllable for the guards to better control them. There is nothing much to do either as prisoners are left in their cells all day unable to leave them. Often being isolated for days with very little social interaction with other inmates due to their knowledge of magic. They are only allowed to leave their cells on at certain times and often just by themselves with only guards watching them. Lead to harsh effects on their minds as they have no interactions with most other people in the prison. Causing them to slowly fall apart mentally the longer they are kept in this state. Making it more common for inmates to act violently if isolated too long or commit suicide from the amount of stress that has built up over time.
Founding Date
700 CA
Alternative Names
Arcana's Bane, Mage's Grave

Horrid Rumors

  It is said the prison is a death sentence to whoever is sent there as the guards tend to abuse their prisoners for all sorts of reasons. Most believe it has to do with the magic users or the crimes that they commit. But it just might be the fact they have to watch over them on a crummy island for months on end before they are ever given shore leave due to the hazards of the tides there. Most prisoners never see the end of their sentences as their remains are littered across the island among the many other hundreds that came before them. Some even claiming they experiment on the prisoners to better study magic. Along with the possibilities of forcing the prisoners to create magic items for them. The guards seem to not get into trouble for it either due to the dangers the magic users pose and have the authority to kill them if they get out of hand. Those who do get of the island after their time are given as never the same again as they are nothing more than empty shells of who they once were.  

Deep Below

  The prison itself is much large than one could ever realize as the island goes deeper than one could ever realize. As there is a large series of underground caverns that go underneath the island that is used to house prisoners. The deeper you go is where the more dangerous the prisoners get as it seems that it might be bottomless as all sense of time fades as the encroaching darkness seems to consume you the farther you go down. With only death and madness awaiting all those head towards it with the possibility of never seeing sunlight ever again.  

Dangerous Inmates

Not all prisoners who are sent here are meant to leave once they get here. Some of them after being sent here are meant to live the rest of their days behind bars for their crimes. Often those who use magic to commit unspeakable acts and rather than just killing them outright they wish to keep them locked up to live out the rest of their days suffering for their crimes. Many of them are sent deep below the prison often being called "The Dark" to ensure they have never seen the light of day again and are on constant watch to ensure that they never escape. But from time to time the guards tend to go missing as if they vanished out of thin air and despite the nullifiers attached to them there still might be able to use magic. Especially those who practice dark magic at it is unnatural magic that cannot be fully contained no matter how hard someone may try.


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