St. Ganacus

He who shined brightly


Humble Origins

It was said that was he found on a the steps of a church door in the city of Stonehaven in Ardania, were he was taken in by the priests as disciple of the Church of the Spirit and Flame. He was given the name Ganacus and he would accept the faith as his one true family, to the point of zealotry. He became respected and was admired by many around him for his selflessness and his humility. But all were shocked as he choose to join the Order of the Righteous Flame as Holy Knight. For he knew the world at the time was still place that that evil and wicked flushed from hearing many pleas from those who often preyed at the church. He would rather face these evils head on and he soon he left. He faced many trails as her trained, but no matter how hard they were he just kept get right back up. Soon enough he was able to improve and became a skilled fighter and many were drawn to as if he was a light. He never took any credit for his success for only the The Spirit and Flame gave him strength for him to succeed and would be tested for Korillia and her undead legions would soon bring a horrible and terrible war, the Night war had begun!  

The Rise of a Savior

  The Night war had been raging for several year by the time Ganacus became a Holy Knight of the order and he was quickly sent into battle for the undead hordes of Korillia were ever growing creating an endless horde from all the living the were consumed by it. It did not help that Vampires and other unholy creatures of the night were fighting along side them either. Ganacus and the forces that he was apart of would soon face the enemy head on as the fought along side a great army to push them back. One by one the men around fell until he alone was surround by thousands of undead as he fought on. The Vampire leading the horde that stoped them before they swarmed him and challenged him to single combat. The Vampire was amused at his courage and wanted to see all of his hope fade before she killed him. He was out matched but never falter and asked the The Spirit and Flame to give him strength to defeat this evil. As he said these words his sword was set aflame and he slice though her, set her ablaze, leavingt nothing more then ash. All were amazed at this divine intervention and hope returned to them. He held up her charred skull and gave a rally cry so great that it gave courage the survivors and held the hordes at bay until they were forced to return to their masters. As he returned back to the mains of the army, he was met with praise and cheer, but ignored them and kneeled down and prayed for thanks from his savior for giving him the strength to achieve victory and for peace for all those who had died in battle. All around him did the same rather then celebrated.   He soon realized that he was chosen by his god to save this world from darkness. With his mind set, he went on a quest to find others to face this darkness head on to face this darkness. He left saying that he was sent out on a holy mission from god himself. As he travel, he vanquished many dark creatures and saved many lives, many began to follow him and many more began to seek him out. Monster hunters, warriors, peasants they all came to fight for him and with that the Black Order was created. With their knowledge and experience they were able to slowly turn the tide in favor of Humanity. Decades past as the war reached it climax and finally after many trials he and his men reached the very hall of Korillia herself. Many were killed in the ensuing carnage that was the hellish lair of Korillia, but he pressed on despite his old and wary state. As he and his men reached her throne room an epic duel to place as the castle began to collapse from the siege. Korillia relentless attacked Ganacus, but he fought on no matter how hopeless it seem. He call upon the The Spirit and Flame to give him the strength he need to defeat this evil. For one last time his sword became flaming death, stabbing her though her heart finally ending this hell on earth. As he walked out of the collapsing castle with what was left of his men. The armies around him bowed before him and he said
Do not kneel to me for I am but a man, kneel and pray to one who truly gave us victory!
He pointed up to the sky and began to pray and so did even one around him.  

The light fades

  Though the war was over, the killing did not end, plague soon hit the land as the war end and Ganacus had succumbed to it. On the eve of his death at small ruined church he prayed for one last time. His final words were,  
"My lord, long has this bloodshed has lasted for as long as I can remember, I did all that I could to ends this horror that came upon our people and my duty has come to an end. I care not if I am damned or bless only that this land may know you warmth once again and peace reign over all. May the Flame cleanse me and the Spirit preserve me for am at your mercy."
He died praying as did all his life and found peace. His body would be burned and his belongings sent away for safe keeping. Many morned his passing and his ashes west cast to the wind in Stonehaven. At his vigil he was declared a saint by the church of his piousness for a man of his kind is only seen in this world once in a life time.

Historical Basis

The Night War was a terrible time in the history of the western lands of the Continent of Kinath. It seems if it was not for Ganacus and his efforts the land of men would have fallen a long time ago. Even the Black Order stands to this day.


All of the western lands know of Ganacus and his deeds to rid the world of evil.

Cultural Reception

Those who worship the The Spirit and Flame often pray for the strength of Gancaus when they fight creatures of the night and All Saints Day.

In Literature

A tome of Ganacus' deeds is in the monastery of the Order of the Righteous Flame, along with mementos written by a unknown member of the Black Order who fought along side him.

In Art

A statue of Ganacus can be found in the Hall of Saints in the Marusia along with seven known glass window paintings, three paintings which are held by private owners, four tapestries and song is often sung about him as well called the "Ballad of Ganacus, Saint of the Light"   older Ganacus   facing the hordes
  St. Ganacus  
Date of First Recording
36 BCA
Date of Setting
48 BCA
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