Mapvember 2021


The Imperial throne is the heart of imperial power and its design often shows it very well.


In some places in the world, man-made structures dating back from ancient times are considered sources of magic power as the ancient magic that powered them is still active and emanates a glow that can be seen by all those who are near.


Apothecaries can be found in many rural regions where healers still exist that practice the old medicine.


On a large hill known as the Tranquil Mound, a shrine has been placed in honor of the Guru Serama as a place of meditation and prayer in the hopes of finding peace within oneself.


Blue Roses are considered the rarest type of rose to ever bloom and are greatly sought after to the point that people take their seeds just as their bulbs open.


The Deren Cliff are some of the steepest cliffs in Ardania and home to the ruin of Castle Cember which was said to be destroyed by a storm. It is best to watch one's step here as falling off the cliffs will result in a painful death on the rocks below.


The Great Blue is considered the largest ocean that exists in the world. Though no one has ever tried to sail that far south before nor have anyone ever returned.


The Cathedral of Devotion is considered one of the most sacred of places and it is famous for its glasswork that shows many religious designs in its colored glass.


The tomb of King Hendrik and Queen Kerena is considered one of the first crypts to be made in Ardania.


The illustrious collection of the Grand Library at the Imperial Academy is considered one of the largest libraries in the world containing large amounts of knowledge to ever be stored in one place.


Despite the emergence of factories, smithies are still used across the land as a blacksmith can make many things, from weapons to tools for anyone to use.


Slave Pens can be found all across the empire as they often store slaves waiting to be sold or hold runaways until their masters come for them. Conditions are often terrible and many a put in cages like animals and put on display for buyers to buy them.


Due to the flammability of Black Arabarok, it is often placed in airtight barrels to be stored in a warehouse until it can be shipped out and no fire is allowed near it.


The Bay of Faith holds the town of Inoru, a place that is home to the Temple of Isumal. Here many of the faithful come here on a pilgrimage to visit the temple and the town open arms and holds celebrations to celebrate their faith.


The Wenten Bridge is considered a historical place to be in as it was a part of the famous Battle of Questos with a small band of Legionaries gave their life in holding off an entire army while giving time for their comrades to prepare for battle. Though none of them survived a statue was built in honor of them which is on the east side of the bridge. On the west side, an inn known as the Drowsy Cat allows travelers to rest and often buy supplies for their journey.


Marcus Ester was considered one of the most brilliant and insane scientists and alchemists to ever live, his laboratory is a prime example of it.


One of the oldest buildings in Stone Haven, The Erusten Courthouse is distinct for its round dome on the roof.


The Imperial Guardian in the Palace of Lux Aeterna is considered one of the most beautiful places to find oneself in as it has hundreds of different plants. Along with many statues and bonds that make it very peaceful to be in.


The Imperial Vault is considered one of the most well-guarded places in the empire and its series of traps and locks ensure it is.


Hyperia is considered mostly a wilderness across its islands as many of its settlements are found on the coast. With many harbors to allow ships to dock on them.


Caperaks are nasty little insects that are the size of dogs. They often build and live in large tunnels where they bring back they kill the nest to feed their larvae and gather junk to use for their nests.


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2 Dec, 2021 03:24

Great job Jester%. Did you make all these maps yourself?, if so, what design programme/map maker did you use?   Aemon

2 Dec, 2021 03:58

It was all done on and I have to tell you it was harder than you think

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
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