Inquisition Uniforms

There is always a reason to be afraid of the Inquisition Which is why it best to pray when one of their inquisitors or soldiers show up and not come after you - Cautious Barkeep
  Since then it's founding the Inquisition has been task with keeping the dark forces that would plunge the Western Lands into another age of darkness and horror. Of course, due to their methods, everyone has become afraid of them. But it's not just their methods that bring fear to everyone hearing their names, it's how they dress that gets people on edge when they are around as they strike fear into anyone who sees them and gives them the air of authority surrounding them. Making people realize who they are in an instance and ensuring that they are taken seriously.  

Dressed to Horrify

  The Inquisition knows that people are afraid of them and they want to keep it that way, which is why they design their clothing to look chilling and intimidating to show that they are the divine wrath of their god and have come to punish anyone who would dare stand against them. It also adds a sense of mystery about them as well as there are so many rumors and tales told about them that anything is possible and they want to keep it that way because which is more terrifying a man or a man you know nothing about. It has always been known that Humans have always feared the unknown exploiting it makes their job so much easier to do.  
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Metal Mask: Here is the thing about being in the Inquisition, no one has an identity anymore and you are just the tool to a higher power. It is also a security precaution to ensure that their identities remain a secret to protect them from being captured for information. Everyone wears one to ensure that their line of work is not halted by any means. Of course, each mask is different from each branch of the Inquisition to ensure everyone knows their proper place in it and authority is respected. It always represents one thing, a sign of unity behind a cause at the cost of one’s freedom and individuality. For there are no individuals in a line of work such as this for almost all most play their part without a sign of doubt or it will lead to nothing but chaos and division. If that were to have happened by now the lands they swore to defend would have fallen a long time ago along with the Inquisition being the first to fall.
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Uniform: There is no single uniform that is officially used by the Inquisition; instead there are several that are used by each branch to create a hierarchy to ensure order and discipline amongst its members. They are pretty much control freaks when it comes down to it. Each uniform is often determined by how they first enter the order based on their strength and weakness and afterward they go through training and are placed into their assignment. But there is one thing that they all have in common, they cause discomfort to anyone outside of the order. Each one is meant to make someone feel a certain type of emotion when they are seen, fear, hopelessness, pain, death to name some of them. They are not enchanted or have any magic tricks that are done to them; it is just how they were designed by them to make it so. Every fabric and material used to make them are designed to forge clothing that would change the atmosphere in a room in moments to cause everyone to feel uneasy. The clothing that would do this the most would be what is worn by Inquisitors as their jobs require them to get close and personal when seeking the truth. It helps them make their interrogations and questioning go all the easier when their suspects are afraid of them at first sight. As nothing that they wear brings comfort, from the holy symbols worn by them to the hoods that cover most of their masks in darkness, they seem more mysterious and threatening for what is the most fearful thing to be afraid of, the fear of the unknown. Fear causes men to cower and hide, lose all hope, and submit themselves to another. For fear is the only way that the truth can be pieced together from all the secrets and lies that hide it.  

Garbs of Intimidation

  Hood: A simple yet effective method to intimidate someone into obeying you. Covering one’s face is often a sign of danger to those who wish to harm someone. As someone is always up to no good if they don’t want you to see your face. Though all Inquisition members wear a mask making it somewhat impractical, not everyone knows that all inquisition members wear a mask and at times in an interrogation, the suspect must not know who is interrogating them to gain better results. But in most cases most often it is to ensure that it covers most of their heads revealing only their mask to make them less Human.   Robes of Secrets: Chroniclers wear these robes to hide all of their skin when working. It is often used as a means to deal with problems locked away in archives that they keep watch over. It also means to keep prying eyes away from where they shouldn’t be. As a dark-robed figure telling you not to touch anything is often a good way to scare anyone into listening to you.   Cleansing Armor: The only uniform that is entirely armor and is given to the soldiers fighting all the serious threats they might face. The armor itself, that of a breastplate, protects all of the vital areas and allows mobility by leaving part of the arms and legs with overlapping plates. Along with a morion helmet to protect their head and be able to wear their mask. The wearer has no problem moving it either as-is distributed its weight well, allowing them to be well protected and without losing their mobility. No one dares mess with them as it is hard to even pierce the plate without a proper weapon.   Inquisitor Robes: The robes that get the most attention in a room as they are designed that way. They are designed to be both authoritative and menacing to all who see them. All to ensure that people take them seriously and not try to do anything funny while they are around. There are also some secret features found throughout the armor as well such as metal plating weaved into the clothing and potion compartments to aid them when they get into trouble.   Deafened Suit: Those who see these face to face are either about to die or have a message delivered to them. The suits themselves are designed to not make sound through techniques that only the Inquisition has access to and are kept a secret. All to ensure that no one knows that they are even there to carry out their assignments.

Manufacturing process

The Inquisition always keeps their methods of designing their uniforms a secret to ensure no one can replicate them and use them for their own use. All uniforms that are made are hidden deep within the deep confines of an inquisition stronghold. The materials used are often classified as well to ensure no tries to follow them when retrieving said maeterials.


Those who wear the clothing of the Inquisition are no longer a part of society and can never go back to it again. For they have chosen to ensure the betterment of Humanity rather than their self-interests. Doing what must be done to ensure that it survives the dangers that reside in the darkness whether they be a man or something else entirely.  

The Flames of Truth

  It doesn’t matter where you are in the lands of Humanity for you will most likely know about the Inquisition one way or another. Often through rumors or stories around the hearth. But those who have seen them first hand will and see them do their work will most likely never be the same again. For that is what they want you to do, to never forget them and live with that fact for the rest of your days. For they are a power that is above nations and the will of kings as they were given a sacred task, to vanquish all the dangers that might threaten the Western Lands countless time before and they have for the most part. All in the name of the church that they are a part of as they believed that for too long that mortal men have lost the right to be trusted for their sins and must be watched over by those who serve a higher power.  

Faithful Servants

  Those who wear the uniform are a part of the church whether they want to or not. Meaning that they have to follow their rules or be punished for it. It is the only reason that half of the land hasn't been burned to the ground as they control the faith they swore to serve. For they are the only ones who spread their god's will and teachings to the masses. To go against them would mean heresy and damnation and no one ever wants that. This is why they listen and obey their will to ensure that they don't get on their bad side. In doing so they can do their duties without trouble and stay within the radiant flames that is their faith so they may be rewarded for their deeds when they meet the exalted when their time finally arrives with all of their sins cleansed and finally know peace.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Only members of the Inquisition can have these uniforms and those who have a hold of them result in harsh punishment or death.
10 lbs - 60 lbs
Base Price
7 gold - 90 gold

Rank Identification



The masks that are worn by its members also have more meanings to them than one might realize. This is due to different situations and threats that they might have to face.   Occult: Those whole deal with cases involving dark magic and supernatural beings. It is considered one of the most hazardous positions to become a part of due to the unpredictable and dangerous nature of the people and creatures involved. The Spirit of Salvation is Engraved on the mask.   Arcane: Those with cases involving magic, all forms of magic are considered dangerous and never to be taken lightly. This is why anyone who uses their magic to commit terrible acts must be brought to justice. A rune has been engraved on the mask to identify them.   Heretic: Deals with those who hunt those who would alter the faith of the Exalted to their own design and are hunting for it. The Burning Flame of Purity is engraved on the mask.   Judgement: Involves cases the affair of mortals that are closely watched by the Inquisition, often ranging from corruption to murder. The Eyes of Judgement are Engraved on the mask.  


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The Pendants used are known as the Star of Truth, often used in the faith of the Exalted as means to reveal lies and deception. But with the Inquisition, it is a means of authorization clearance amongst its members, most notably the Inquisitors and the Chroniclers.   Four-sided Star: Basic Authorization, able to look up records of lower cases and enter Inquisition strongholds.   Six-sided Star: Advanced Authorization can enter restricted areas and look up secretive files.   Eight-sided Star: Master Authorization can gain a hold of relics and forbidden texts.    


Those who hold the true power of the Inquisition for they are judge, jury, and often at times executioner on those they try in their cases. Inquisitors can travel wherever they please and are not under anyone's jurisdiction other than the church. They are untouchable as well and if any harm were to come to them those responsible would suffer terrible repercussions.  


Inquisition Soldier-portrait.png
The weapons of the Inquisition are often responsible for guarding holdings and Inquisitors on and off their assignments to avoid harm. Though many do not know why they are called Cleansers in the first place and the answer is far more terrifying. In the case that a situation escalates out of control and cannot be contained by normal means an Inquisitor can call upon a "Purgatio" an order to be used by them to destroy everything in an area and leave nothing alive. They commit heinous deeds to ensure nothing sinister can escape and spread its taint.  


Inquisition Chronicler-portrait.png
The Chroniclers are a special case in the order for they are the record keepers that keep all the records of cases of Inquisitors from many generations before and some of the relics and artifacts that they brought back with them as they could not be destroyed or were too valuable to do so. Here they have with their grasp centuries of knowledge that is used to aid the Inquisition to better combat the dark forces they may face in the future. But very few of them ever make it to old age as some things that they keep locked away tend to cause trouble by seeking vengeance from their would-be jailors.  


Inquisition Spy-portrait.png
The Inquisition has eyes and ears wherever they want them to be for the Deafened are always watching where no one can see them. They are also the only members whose masks have no mouths for it is their vow of eternal silence as they speak to no outside of the order. They have been trained to become shadows as they have managed to become completely silent without anyone knowing they were even there. They are often assigned to watch over individuals of interest and gather evidence wherever an Inquisitor would have difficulty getting into. But they will often have to dirty their hands as well by ending them as well if they have to.


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