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Golems are a feat of both magic and technology in their own right. To give life to certain material is something that few people would imagine to be possible at all. But it takes skill to be able to achieve such a feat to begins it takes skill and knowledge to truly create one. Like every piece of machinery, material, and runes must be crafted to perfection to bring such a creature to life. It is well known that a single Golem takes months or even years to fully become completed and awakened. But when they are awakened they are worth the wait as they are quite the useful creatures when they need to be. They can quite fear as well if you make an enemy of one as well.  


  The Dwarves as a way to boost work productivity. These original Golems were not the massive size of the modern ones seen today, but we're more of the size of a Human that could lift more weight and never sleep. At first, these first models did well but were unable to do difficult tasks as they were not intelligent or large enough to do so. These designs were later scrapped as they were unable to meet standards and larger Golems were made in their stead. making life much easier as these large brutes were able to carry and help build structures with ease. But eventually, they were found useful in warfare as well, being used to carry and pull large machinery better than animals. Along with being able to use as battering rams and catapults made them a lot more lethal. Then there is melee combat where the enemy is smashed into literal pieces. Making them a part of every day life for the Dwarves who controlled them. To keep these large brutes in line, they are linked with Golem Adept to give them commands and watch over them so they don't get into any trouble.  

Living Constructs

Golems are not mindless creatures at all, they can think and some are even able to speak if they want to. But they're not that bright so it is easy to control them and get them to do what an owner wants them to do. But they can become distracted and curious if something catches their eye. But if they were left to their own devices they would just stay in place or just wander around. They can go rough though if they lose their master or are left alone for too long. Some just wander to anywhere they go and others just wait for something to go along their way. This sometimes causes them to become feral and ignore commands even if they are linked to a new master. Some even try to name themselves and add some personality to themselves as well. So meeting a Golem in the wilderness can go two ways, either a friendly conversation or an ensuing battle at hand if their minds have deteriorated during their isolation.  

Stone Golem

Stone Golems are the most common type around as they are the easiest to create out of all other types. They are a bit slow but they can do any job you ask them to do. They are mostly in the role of labor and construction, but they are sometimes used for war as well. They are hard to repair due to their stone bodies.  

Iron Golem

The perfect war machine that anyone could ask for. Made of iron they are designed for war and can reach havoc on the battlefield. They take longer to build and are more expensive to make, so their numbers are often small and are only used in the direst of situations. They are easier to repair due to their metal bodies.  

Nature Golem

These types are not made in a workshop at all, rather they are entirely made from magic. Elves found their way to make Golems and used more as guardians and protectors rather than labor. Due to their origins, they are more independent than their distant relatives and will wander off for long periods. Along with being more violent as they embrace the savage side of nature that was given to them.

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