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Gabara Hound

Gabara Hounds are the result of wolves and dogs breeding with one another when left in the wild. These of course was by accident as these dogs originally belonged the fifteenth, eighteenth and third legions of the Vatian Empire during the Dageth campaign. After they were defeat by the High Elves and the Dwarves these dogs escaped their masters and later went feral. Who they breeding happened in unknown, their number steadily grew and began to out number native wolf populations. But most of them would be centered in the Black Plain more then any other place on the continent. Their they would be domesticated by Orcs and used in every day life. Giving them the name "Gabara" in the process. Which in translation means savage in Orcish, due to their savage nature even when domesticated.

Basic Information


Quadrupedal with dense bones and muscular bodies.

Biological Traits

Hounds can be identified by their wolf and dogs feature to help the

Genetics and Reproduction

It takes three months of pregnancy until birthing.

Growth Rate & Stages

I take only half a year for a hound to be fully grown.

Ecology and Habitats

They often prefer to live in onpen plains and forested areas.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are hunters by nature just as their dog and wolf ancestors were. Often hunting in packs in search for prey where they eat as much as they can and move on.

Biological Cycle

They travel with their food sources as the seasons change.

Additional Information

Social Structure

These beast live in packs of five to ten with a dominate male and female. All other members of the pack are submissive of them and are the first ones to eat always. They are the only one allowed to breed as well to ensure that not to rivals do not rise from other members of the pack.


Orcs often use them as hunting companions and guard dogs as they admire their fierce nature. They are often domesticated as pups since it is much easier to make them obey commands rather then a feral would be. They are trained to follow commands and depend on their master. Making them more likely to fight beside them if they were in trouble.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They are often have their furs used for warmth and meat for food.

Facial characteristics

Have large heads and eyes are above the nose.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are only found on the continent of Dageth.

Average Intelligence

They are able communicate with one another and hunt as a team to take down prey. They know how to problem solve as well.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Eyes are designed to detect motion and see in the dark. Along with being able to hear high and low pitched sounds and a high sensitive sense of smell.
Scientific Name
Class: Hybrid
dogs and wolves
8 - 12 years
Conservation Status
One hundred thousand
Average Height
28 - 48 inches
Average Weight
160 lbs
Average Length
30 - 38 inches
Average Physique
They are able to increase their speed at short distances. Allowing them to reach twenty five to thirty miles an hour.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, grey, brown, red

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