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Fengal Moss

Who knew that through death such beauty can be found. - Elven Herbalist
  Fergal moss is considered both beautiful for its luminescent glow in the dark and its morbid nature. For it only grows amongst all things that die. Making it easy to find if one comes upon a corpse somewhere or even long after it's has decayed away. Along with its distinct blue glow when it becomes dark around it.

History & Usage


The moss itself is magical and it is believed that it's growing around corpses due to a certain substance that is in the earth that feeds on flesh and produces the moss. Making it greatly abundant to find and is commonly used in religious and medical practices due to its unique properties. Often aiding in the revitalizing of soil and greenery around it allowing for every dead to spring new life around it.

Everyday use

Potions: The moss is used in healing potions as it has healing properties that can cure sickness and injuries. As the moss' infusion of magic in it once refined can allow it the cure certain kinds of diseases and heal injuries faster.   Poultice : Applying the moss to an open wound or and form of injury can help close it faster and reduce pain. With it being said that their healing properties can even remove scars and heal the injuries that can cause permanent damage if applied properly.   Fertilizer: The moss can be mixed with soil to create a fertilizer that allows enriching the soil for gardening and farming.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The moss is something of an sacred value to Elves, mostly with High Elves and Wild Elves. To the High Elves, it is considered a life-giver as it can be used to help heal the sick and injured from the feed on decaying flesh. While the Wild Elves often see it as a way to mark the grave of their dead as they do not bury them and let nature feed on them. Often leaving their dead in certain places known as Resting Grounds, large areas where Fengal Moss covers most of the area and is used as a marker as a final resting place for their ancestors to cross into the spirit world.


Trade & Market

Foresters go out and gather it in the wilderness to sell to healers and others who value the moss, but due to it being abundant it is making the market very small.


The moss can be stored indoors and out doors as it is not affected if it is dry or not.
10 copper

Life From Death

  Due to the moss growing from things that have died it has become affiliated with death itself. But it has more a respectful role rather than that of fear. As it brings life to those who have died when they have made their final rest. The moss is a sign of that due to its unique glow which is different depending on region, animal, and so on. Often being a natural grave to the deceased that grew around them. But from their death knew life can grow as the moss helps revitalize the soil even more than normal decomposition.   Types of Glow   Each glow of the moss has a meaning to them as it can show what type of creature that has died around it.   Blue : A common type to be seen as most creatures have the magic in them as it returns to the earth when they die as the moss absorbs it.   Red : Red moss represents the absence of magic in a creature, which is rare considering most creatures in Dageth have magic in them in one form or another.   Yellow: Only creatures with high concentrations of magic can produce this type of moss making it rare to find and are highly sought after due to it being stronger that

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