Essence Stone

Okay gets that stone out and let's see what type of magic we can find on this thing. - Treasure Hunter


Material Characteristics

Smooth surfaced rock that is a pale blue cover.

History & Usage


Magic Detectors

  Essence stones have the distinct ability to detect magic inside of an object. Making it is a item a person to have when dealing with it. The stone were originally used by people who hunted those born with magic back when magic users were persecuted and they were able to find them with these stones. But when magic became more accepted it started to be used for other reasons, often by people searching for magic items that ranged from treasure hunting to just using them on item at merchant stalls that claimed they were magic. But when Marcus Ester created the Essence Modulator the stones were being used at a high demand to create them to ensure that magic users could get one to check their Source Arcana readings.


These stones were first used when they were found deep underground in mines across the region and were used a decoration by tribal peoples due to how smooth they were until people discovered that they could detect magic with them.

Everyday use

It is used to detect magic inside of living creature and objects. The more it glows the more powerful the magic is in the object.


Trade & Market

The market is small due to the stones ability, but it is often sought after by people who deal in magic.


They can be stored any where as the only thing they do is glow and can case no harm.

Law & Regulation

There are no laws that restrict the use of the stones as they hold very little value to them.
5 silver
Common State

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