Source Arcana

You must channel your magic from the source within your body only until then will you be able to cast magic - Mage
  The Source Arcana is something that only those born with magic are capable of using as they are born with it. It is believed from this source that people can use magic properly as it is within them. By using they can case as much magic as they can from the source of magic energy that they can cast their spells with.


A Source Arcanna is something that cannot be seen as it is an invisible force that draws magic into an individual born with it. It is considered a well of magical power that can be absorbed magic into it and can be expelled when a spell is being cast. However, this well has its limits on how much magic it can use at a time and how much time it takes to regain that magic. This can be remedied through training to increase one Source Arcana to absorb more magic or use magic potions that will help them regain their magical energies much faster than naturally. However, if one were to go beyond their limits it will result in Arcane Depletion that would begin to harm them physically and mentally as the magic being will try to find a source to power itself with.


Source Arcana are born within a person to ensure that they can use magic, so it is technically a part of them. So it will be essential can allow them to use their magic where ever they go. But they will still be affected by the way their magic works and how effective it can be depending on their location.

Metaphysical, Arcane

Different Sources

  Arcana Sources come in different types as they will draw their powers to different types of magic to create themselves which is often the time of conception of an unborn child as the magic is drawn into them. How which type of magic is selected is unknown, but once it has been chosen it cannot be changed and the person is bound to that magic for the rest of their life. It is because of this that one type of magic can be used per person and not another. One theory is that magic cannot be mixed and must remain as a pure source to properly use it. Meaning that that source will be able to cast one type of magic and only that as long as they live.


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