Essence Modulator

Remember to always keep your modulator on you at all times when using magic, in doing so you will ensure that you do not harm yourself when using your magic - Mage Teacher

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Essence Stone: A stone that can read magic levels inside living and inanimate objects by its glow.   Reading Chamber: Can read how much magic is going through an Essence and produce it on a gauge for all to see.


During the long career of Marcus Ester, he had gone through a stage in his life where he became obsessed with magic and created many things with it. Often being devices that revolved around it that were either powered or manipulated in a person’s body or an object. However, during this time he also tinkered in how to identify a magic user by locating the magic inside of them. It was from this that he created early essence modulators to put his theories to the test. At first, he wanted to use these devices to identify young children who have yet to manifest their magic at an early age. His idea was to help that by finding children who were born with magic could get help early on in their life before they could use magic ad many magic users manifesting their magic for the first time often could harm themselves and others around. This often happened naturally once they developed it properly or could happen suddenly if they are experiencing times of stress or feeling certain emotions, leading to problems as they used their magic unable to properly control it. However, these tests would prove fruitless as magic that was yet to surface did not show itself in an individual and would be unable to be identified with it until was properly awakened.   However, he did notice while using an Essence Stone, a stone capable of reading magical energy was able to tell how much magic was inside an individual at that time. Creating an idea that would allow magic users to be able to how much magic they had in their body while they spent it. This would lead to the creation of the Essence Modulator that would help them avoid a very serious magic condition called Arcane Depletion that could kill them if they are not too careful. While it took a few years to get the kinks out of it, the result was worth it as modulators began being used by every magic user that could get their hands on them, ensuring their health was safe from magical harm. The devices have been improved over the centuries to get better readings for the user and have made their way to several parts of the world now. It is also required for a new magic user in many different places to have a modulator now for their safety. However, these devices give away that they can use magic and could lead to persecution if seen as many people are still not fond of magic. This is why they are often concealed to avoid any trouble often under clothing as they can remove it from their person without the fear of not knowing what their magic levels when using magic.


With the creation of the modulators, the likelihood of Arcane Depletion has gone down tremendously and help ensure that no one sufferers from the severe side effects or is killed from it. Along with helping magic users test their boundaries to ensure that they know what their limits are and how they can improve them through training.
Item type
Creation Date
1253 CA
Related Condition
Only magic users can use them
1 lb
Base Price
40 silver
Raw materials & Components
One Essence Stone: A magic material capable of sensing magic and how much there is.   Ketemer: A material that can transfer energy into itself whether it is magic or electricity.

Counter Levels

  Blue/High: An undrained Source Arcana should remain blue and stay at the point even when small amounts of it have been drained from it.   Yellow/Medium : Once the light changes to yellow it warns the user that half of their magic remains and should be wary when they should be using it.   Red/Low: Red is often the time when one should stop using magic as casting any more spells could lead them to early stages of Arcane Depletion.   Black/Depleted: If the counter reaches black then the users are in trouble as they will now enter the early stage of Arcane Depletion and will suffer greater effects if they keep going.  


  Necklace: The first design that places the modulator around the user's neck to know where it is. Despite being bigger and more clunky, they are still reliable and can give a more accurate readout of one magic level.   Wristband: The popular type of the two as a magic-user can just look at their wrist and see how much magic they have left without doing much. It is helpful when they are busy and just wants a quick look.


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