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Crook Signs

Alright, now you have to keep your eyes peeled so we can find the drop-off point just look for the sign and you will be fine. - Experienced Theif
  Crook Signs are a system of symbols that have been used for centuries by criminals to carry out their business without the troubles of the law to stop them. This has allowed them to keep their heads down without raising suspicions or causing trouble with anyone in the areas they do their illegal activities at. Anyone who has half a brain knows that these symbols must be taken seriously if they want to live long enough to actually earn money and stay in business long enough. So to do so, they create a series of symbols that would be used to communicate with one another. The reason a language was not used was due to the fact it would be too hard to teach others and that there were too many groups to spread it to all of them. It would also bring attention to themselves if anyone caught onto the unknown language they were speaking and would try to investigate. The symbols were easier to identify and could be hidden easily when they needed to be with anyone who knew the symbols to understand what they meant and exactly knew what to do with that information. The true origins and the creator of these symbols have all been lost since then with no one knowing how they came about. These symbols would not be written down and would be passed down orally for any criminal to be taught and understand their meanings. Allowing for a system to be put in place that would be used throughout the generations with no signs of altering them. This has kept the peace between groups and those in law enforcement several steps behind them as the criminal carry out their dealings without too much worry.    

Symbol Types

  Area Symbols: Symbols that tell what the places to and not to go for criminals to move around freely and avoid trouble where it is found. These symbols are generally found in certain places to explain how things in an area worked. It showed which businesses are being controlled by groups and paths that most people do not know about to allow them to travel without being seen if they wish to avoid detection, along with places where they could lay low if they were in hot water.   Territory Symbols: When running a criminal empire, borders must to placed to ensure that no one is going into their territory to steal their business. This is why a series of symbols were created to aid the creation of these invisible borders and who had control over them. Ensuring that these groups can stay in their territory without worrying about the trouble of anyone entering by mistake or trying to conduct their operations in them.   Political Symbols: Despite popular belief, the criminal underbelly is not as disorganized as one might believe and follow a very strict set of rules to keep the peace to avoid conflict and the eyes of the law that want to imprison them. These symbols are used publicly and are spread around often being hidden in plain sight through various items to let different groups understand what situations they are going through.

Geographical Distribution

These symbols have been able to spread a considerable amount over the centuries with them being found across the Continent of Kinath in both the Eastern and Western lands. With places such as the Isles of Refuge and several areas of the Dark Continent being used as well.

Crook Symbols

  A series of symbols were created by criminals for criminals to know how an area works, who controlled what, and the politics in place here. Allowing them to carry out their business without dealing with the problems that may interfere with them. These symbols are often found in places that are discrete and are not as noticeable., except for those who know where to look or the signs that will point to where they need to look.  

Area Symbols

  ▤ / Safe House:   ◇ / Unprotected   ◈ / Protected   ╎/ Check Point   ⊥ / Secert Path   ┅ / Unguarded Area   ⋀ / Drop Off   ≍ / Guarded Area   ╳ / Stay Clear  

Territory Symbols

  ◬ / Gang   ﹏ / Smugglers   ﹁/ Thieves  

Political Symbols

  ⋛ / Bussiness Partners   ≨ / Agreement Cancelled   ⊗ / Turf War   ⊖ / Peace   ⌂ / New Group   ≙ / New Management   ⊚ / Truce   ⌀ / Group Destoryed   ⌇ / Law Coming

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