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JemJem (dʒɛm dʒɛm)

Public identity record
Property of the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís, Eörpe

JemJem is the beloved pet and loyal friend of Doctor Tybulus Svilen. She’s accrued an idol status in the years since first being featured in season 4, episode 11 of Stratotastic Critters. Today she’s by most considered as much of (or maybe even more of) a star of the show.   Due to her high popularity and fame many regards her as the mascot of the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís, although she’s not officially been given that status.  

Mental Characteristics

Social Aptitude

As is typical to most ninns, JemJem is extremely social and is always delighted when finding herself the center of attention.


JemJem has mellowed down significantly in later years. Nowadays she prefers to spend her time at home or at her owner’s office lounging on a windowsill while curiously watching the busy academy grounds below.


Ticks & Quirks

She’s always had a strange fascination for spherical glass objects, and is well-known for her obsession for trying to squeeze into any round or semi-round, transparent bowls, glasses, vases, or similar items she finds.  

Speech Pattern

JemJem is very talkative but has been noted to use a significantly more varied and nuanced register when communicating with her owner. ‘Conversations’ with her will include sounds such as meows, purrs, trills, chirrups, chirps, coos, hums and chatter at various lengths and tones, sometimes featuring deliberate ‘clipping’ of the noise.   Though rarely heard, she’ll noisily express dislike, discomfort, fear, and anger through low-pitched grumbling, meowling, hissing, snarling, and growling.  

Physical Characteristics

JemJem is a striped, silken long hair ninene of average height and weight. She has white fur that under natural light will give off a soft, gem-like sheen. Her head, legs, and tail feature a cream-chocolate striped pattern with a very pronounced M-like shape on the forehead. The face and tail also has a very faint cream masking.   While neither she or her owner care all that much, speculations regarding what official coat colors hers would correspond to has been a widely and deeply discussed topic on many occasions. They likely may never receive a definite answer due to JemJem originally being a stray cub, and thus lacks any pedigree certifications that can verify her heritage.   She has an extra toe and dewclaw on both her front paws due to her polydactylism.  

Apparel & Accessories

At home, JemJem rarely wears any apparel or accessories. When with her owner she at the very least wears a decorated collar fitted with an identification chip and an active tracking sensor.   She’s also used to sometimes being dressed up in various creative and colorful outfits, or made to wear an accessory or two, for entertainment purposes while live on the weekly Stratotastic Critters show. If she’s allowed to tag along on themed holiday events, she’ll usually be perching on her owner’s shoulder wearing matching accessories.  


A New Home

JemJem was found by Tybulus Svilen in a small alleyway in the harbor town of Eole on Odosfier island, Papacalla. With no owner or even mother in sight to care for her, Svilen decided to take her in and brough the ninene cub with him back to Hövnís, Eörpe.  
Bringing JemJem into the equation certainly made my life very complicated. But she also made my life far richer and more meaningful than I could ever have imagined.
— Notation by Dr. Tybulus Svilen
  Once nursed back to health JemJem proved more than a handful for the doctor due to her unsatiable curiosity and boundless energy. In order to provide her the mental and physical stimulation she needed, balance caring for her and attending a hectic work life – and spare his furniture at home – Svilen trained her to walk with a leash and harness so he could take her along with him.   JemJem was delighted with the daily adventures whether it was just within the academy grounds or being brought along on the expeditions for recording material for upcoming Stratotastic Critter episodes. And she excelled at charming the hearts of most people they met.  

The Space Ninene

One of the seasons for Stratotastic Critters were to focus on the concept of bioengineering, particularly with a focus on different neolife and splices that were commonly found as pets. It was decided that JemJem would be featured in the episode about neolife ninns and it seemed ideal since she absolutely adored being in the spotlight anyway.   While the crew was busy preparing, JemJem was freely wandering the set and found decorative bulbous vase with a narrow neck. The ninene was determined to squeeze into it despite it already being host to a sizeable amount of water and a collection of flowers. She only got as far as getting her head stuck inside before being found out, but, with only minutes before the recording was to start there was no way they’d get her out of it without breaking the expensive vase.   After draining the remaining water, getting the flowers out, and drying the ninene, she was brought up on stage with the vase still on her head. JemJem didn’t seem to mind the least to wear her ‘glass space helmet’.   Her appearance in the show was a hit and she eventually got featured in more episodes as Svilen’s sidekick – being very easy to train tricks and commands, and her responsiveness combined with her outgoing and curious nature proved very entertaining for the younger audiences.  
She does sometimes wear costumes for themed episodes, but we retired the ‘space helmet’ after that first one.
— Notation by Dr. Tybulus Svilen

Near-Death Experience

The ninene nearly tragically lost her life as a victim of circumstance. She was grabbed and thrown out an open window, eight floors above ground. Witnesses expressed never anticipating someone would do so to an innocent animal, and neither anticipating her owner to leap out after her without an ounce of hesitation.   Svilen caught her mid-air and held her tight as they crashed down all the way to the sidewalk below. Both survived with JemJem mostly unharmed while Svilen needed several weeks of extensive repairs.  
I don't remember much at all of what happened or what led up to it. I was told it’s due to part of the neural plexus hosting my consciousness got damaged and had to be replaced. JemJem does though, poor girl, and still gets extremely stressed if someone else tries to hold her or pick her up.
— Notation by Dr. Tybulus Svilen
  The individual who committed the crime was arrested and sentenced in accordance with local laws built upon the Sentient Rights Act.

Personal Data

Full Name
Space Ninene, Jemmie, Snookie, Sweetie, Baby Heart and countless more.
Ninene (F. Hilares Oxyles)
Dr. Tybulus Svilen
Current Residence
The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís, Eörpe
Eole on Odosfier Island, Papacalla
JemJem has been featured together with her owner on the posters for Stratotastic Critters for the last sixteen years.
Only a little over a year before she passed away, Setsuvah finished her painting of JemJem and it's been a central piece in Svilen's home since.
In addition to Setsuvah's painting, Svilen has shared that the majority of his living room walls are occupied with drawings and paintings sent to him by fans of the show.   Some feature both him and JemJem, though the majority is only of the ninene.

Cover image: by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ


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