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Diira River Delta

The Diira River delta is a large delta that forms in The Inland Region of The Realm and spreads to the ocean in the east. Several smaller rivers run through the delta, including the River Lunya in the south and the River Thiiva in the north. The Middle Marsh lies in the center of the delta.


The delta consists of numerous small rivers, streams, and marshy areas. The low-lying areas near the coast are prone to flooding in the spring and early summer. Travel through the region is mostly done by boat or raft, as overland travel would require trekking through The Forgotten World.

Fauna & Flora

The delta is home to many natural and unnatural forms of wildlife. Natural species native to the region include deer, bears, wolves, foxes, herons, dolphins (which sometimes swim upriver), and many others.

Natural Resources

Fish are abundant in the delta's rivers, and many of the staple plants of The Realm, such as Grape Squash and Yaala Leaf, grow well in its marshy areas.


The Diira delta was heavily settled by The Ancestor Civilization, who built many canals and embankments throughout the delta. The success and survival of the people of The Realm can be largely attibuted to the Diira delta. As beasts do not generally like to cross water, the abundance of rivers and canals which could be used as natural moats greatly increased the survival chances of many early villages.

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Ecosystem Table

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Diira River Delta Encounters

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2-3Mated pair of Marsh Wyrm Stats5 each
4-5Night bear4
6Marsh Wyrm Stats5
7Juvenile Marsh Wyrm Stats3
8Herd of deer2 each
9-10 2d3 Rat People2
11-12Wolf spider3
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